PlayStation Buying Guide

Sony first got into the game console market in 1994 with great success when they launched the original PlayStation.  It quickly made its way into the spotlight with Nintendo  and Sega , revolutionizing the gaming industry. Currently, the PlayStation is still a best selling console that offers top-notch gaming while including cutting edge technology.  Use this guide to choose a console of your own and make good use of extra time. 

PlayStation Consoles


The PlayStation  is a classic console that started it all for Sony.

  • It is a great gaming solution for those who like gaming but love low prices.
  • This console can play audio CDs.


The PSone  is a compact version of the original PlayStation, and it also features a fold-out screen for play when a television is nowhere in sight.  

  • Although it is dated, many use the PSone in their car with an adapter .
  • This model PlayStation is uncommon among many experienced gamers, but still definitely worth while for those who dabble in gaming.
  • The PSone uses the same games as the original PlayStation.

PlayStation 2 (1st Gen.)

The PlayStation 2  (or PS2) launched Sony into the new millennium of gaming.  It is currently ranked as the best-selling console of all time. 

  • This console has networking capabilities (via optional adapter ) as well as USB and firewire expansion ports, making it a favourite among those who like to make modifications to older consoles. 
  • PlayStation 2 models made after 2000 can play DVDs.
  • The PS2 is backwards compatible, allowing gamers to play original PlayStation games and PS2 games--what a deal!

PlayStation 2 Slimline (2nd Gen.)

The PlayStation 2 Slimline  was first offered in 2004 as an updated, modernized version of the PS2.

  • This model has onboard Ethernet capabilities and the most up-to-date PlayStation 2 hardware.
  •  It's features are otherwise identical to its predecessor. 

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3  is  the latest and greatest console by Sony.  Designed to be a complete media centre offering film on demand, music, and of course games, the PS3 has it all.

  • Unlike Microsoft Xbox  and Nintendo Wii , this console boasts full 1080p resolution which allows for Blu-ray Disk HD playback and life-like game play. 
  • The PS3 console has an internal hard drive, and is available in two models:
  • Highlights of this console include:
    • Wireless controllers
    • PC / iPod integration
    • Bluetooth support (for chat during game play)
    • Keyboard and mouse support
    • Wi-fi capabilities



Allows users to control videos and music on Blu-ray Disc and DVD through Bluetooth.

Allows data to be transferred from a PlayStation memory card or a PlayStation 2 memory card to the PlayStation 3's hard disk.

Allows CD and DVD function on PS2 to be controlled without a gamepad. 

Permits gameplay with more than two controllers. 

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