Sony PlayStation

In addition to a whole lot of retro fun, the PlayStation is possibly the most historically significant console of the last 20 years. The system, the first to mainstream the use of CDs into a successful console, dominated past market leader Nintendo's this guide.

Getting Technical

* 32-bit 33.9 MHz RISC processor. * 2 MB of main RAM, 1 MB of video RAM and 512 KB of sound RAM. * 44.1 kHz sound sampling rate. * Capable of one halfscreen per second. * CD screen.

'''Why the PlayStation''' is So Popular

The PlayStation is the granddaddy that bounces all sorts of landmark franchises on its knee. Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider and Silent Hill all got there start on this machine. A total of 7,743 titles were released for the console. The console also signaled the 32play them, or newcomers who never owned a PlayStation can try out the games for their first time.  In addition, Sony has announced that classic PlayStation titles will be available for download on its handheld system, the PSP (PlayStation Portable).

Why You Still Need a PlayStation

The system is a bargain1990s heyday, pack a charming realism. Though the system lacks the punch of its sequel, the PS2, you'll be surprised how well many of the games stack up to those being made today.


* Multitap * Memory card * Extra controller * PSone L

The Greatest PlayStation Games:

* Final Fantasy VII * Metal Gear Solid * WipeOut * Resident Evil 2 * Xenogears * Gran Turismo 2 * Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 !