PlayStation 2 Accessories Buying Guide

Though Playstation 2  isn't the latest and most modern system on the market, it is still fun to play. So what could make playing the old Playstation 2 even more fun? Why, accessories of course! Whether you just want practical accessories or you want super fun accessories, we have all your gaming needs covered. We've compiled some of the most popular accessories out there for Sony's PS2 , from cooling fans to chain saw controllers. Sit back (or stand up if the game gets exciting) and get ready for your PS2 to double in fun!



This nifty device allows four people to join in on the fun! This is a must-have for large families and university gamers.

Cooling Fan 

If you like to play your PS2 for hours, don't let overheating stop you. Invest in a cooling fan so you can play for days on end!

Vertical Stand 

Want your PS2 to take up even less room? This stand latches on to your PS2 and makes it stand vertically. 

VGA Box 

If you'd like to max out your graphics by using your high-resolution computer monitors instead of TVs to view your game action, get a VGA box, which hooks your PS2 up to VGA-compatible monitors.

Controller Accessories


This makes entering in your name a whole lot easier. However, its main function is really for hackers. Hackers can use a keyboard to alter their PS2 to their liking, but beware: that voids your warranty, 

Wireless Gun 

First person shooters just got a lot more fun. Use a wireless gun controller and turn your living room into an arcade. 

Onimusha 3 Sword Controller 

How cool is this? Similar to the wireless gun, this allows you to use a sword as a controller for games involving, well, sword battles. A must-have for ninja game lovers.

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw 

This chainsaw lets you use one of Resident Evil 4's most dangerous weapons while wielding a controller that looks like what your character has onscreen. If you've got small, easily-scared kids you may want to stay away from this baby.


Logitech Headset 

This headset is light-weight and features an adjustable mouthpiece.

Sony Headset 

This headset was made specifically for the PS2 by Sony. Though most gamers prefer the Logitech model, Sony's headset is the official one for the PS2 and is often found at a smaller price than the Logitech model. 

Earbud Headset 

For those who prefer earbuds to wraparound headsets, these are a great pick. No more parents complaining that your video games are too loud!

Ericcson Headset 

High-tech looking, like a cell phone hands free set, Ericcson's headset helps you look good as you game and talk online. The wireless capabilities prevent you from being restricted!

Remote Controls

DVD Playback Kit 

The tried-and-true Sony model works well with the PS2, although a design flaw in the battery case tends to let batteries fall out of place in some of these.

Multi Remote Controller 

This remote allows you to control playing DVDs, CDs, and games on your PS2. A very strong alternative to the Sony model. 

Intec Remote 

This model is interesting because of its backlighted keypad that makes finding this controller in the dark (and using it in the dark) simple and stress-free.

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