PlayStation 3 Accessories Buying Guide

Sony's Playstation 3  is no doubt a great system. So what could make it better? Why, the very same things that make any outfit better: accessories! If you want to deck out your console in the very best and coolest accessories, look no further. We have all the information you need to make sure your PS3  is stylish, functional, and insanely fun. There are accessories that can improve how the system functions, as well as accessories that help make the Playstation 3 more fun, more aesthetically pleasing, and easier to control. Check out some of the most popular PS3 accessories on the market below. Happy gaming!

PS3 Controller Charge Base 

This nifty device ensures that charging your controller will be super easy! Now you have no excuse for having a dead controller battery. 

PS3 System Stacker 

For those pressed for space, this is a lifesaver. Want to stack things on top of your PS3? Now you can. This allows you to stack your DVD player, Xbox 360, or even a bag of chips on top without any worries.

PS3 Dual Charge AC Adapter 

Double your charging capabilities with this AC adapter, which lets you plug in your PS3 controllers and get them ready to go in short order.

PS3 Chillstream 

Do you play for hours until your hands are covered in sweat? This controller was made just for you! It has built-in cooling capabilities to prevent sweating. 

MadCatz Universal S-Video/Audio Cable Next Gen 

Get the best graphics out of your PS3 with this nifty cable. Hook it up to a nearby TV and watch your graphics get crisper and have better colours.

Playstation Eye Camera 

Want to revolutionize your online communicating? This camera has zoom features and blocks out background noise for a new standard of quality web cam communication. 


PS3 Blu-Ray Remote Controller 

This controller has full control over all of the PS3's media playing functions. It uses Bluetooth technology so you do not have to point it directly at the console!

PS3 Wireless Guitar Hero Controller 

If you are a big fan of Guitar Hero, then a wireles Guitar Hero controller is a must. Spend hours rocking out with friends or by yourself! 

PS3 Bluetooth Headset 

This Bluetooth headset allows you to go hands-free. This model features volume control and a muting function, as well as the abilities to block out outside noise. 

PSP Memory Pro Duo 

A console only has so much internal memory, and for true gamers, that just doesn't cut it. Get a memory stick to make sure you have enough room to save all your progress. 

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