Plumbing and Plumbing Tools Buying Guide

Plumbing repairs can never be put off. Now instead of living with the problem until your plumber can make it round, with the right tools you can try your hand at some of the easy repairs.    

Essential Plumbing Tools

Simple water only problems (no electricity involved) are safe enough to fix on your own. All you will need are: 

  • Pipe wrenches in standard sizes for holding onto and tightening pipes. 
  • Basin wrenches that have a swivel head on a long handle to reach under your sink. 
  • Adjustable wrenches for tightening nuts. 
  • Toilet Plunger and Auger. 
  • Corded or cordless drill for drilling holes. 
  • Tubing cutter for cutting tubes.  
  • Circular wire brush for cleaning burr off the tubes. 
  • Torch for heating or sealing. 
  • Reciprocating saw for cutting pipes. 
  • Metal files for smoothing out the ends of pipes cut. 
  • Hammer drill for drilling through concrete walls.    

Other than the above, you will need a safety kit and other regular tools like a screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, gloves, goggles, thread tape, oil, etc. Plumbing tools can be bought as DIY tool kits which will be comprehensive but expensive or as individual pieces for every repair you need to tackle.  

Tackling Simple Blocks and Leaks

A dripping faucet, leaking pipe, dysfunctional flush tank or blocked drain are some of the simple tasks you can start with. All you need to tackle these simple jobs are patience and logical thinking. Over and above that, DIY guides are a good place to look for guidance. If you can start off with someone who has done it all before, you are lucky. Even if you choose not to get your hands dirty, the knowledge can help you make informed decisions when your plumber presents you with options and prevent you from spending much more than you need to.  

What Not to Attempt on Your Own

Complicated jobs like complete water line repairs or ones that involve electricity like water heater and central heater repairs are better left to professionals or should be done under their supervision if you so desire.    

Brands of Plumbing Tools

  • Draper
  • Silverline
  • Monument
  • Bahco
  • Rolson

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Draper Adjustable Pipe Wrenches 

The pipe wrench features drop forged jaws and induction hardened steel body.  

Toilet Plunger With Removable Handle 

The toilet plunger is useful for the maintenance of toilets and they feature adjustable handles.  

Black and Decker Cordless Drill 

The cordless drill features clutch mechanism, torque control and a good torque speed. 

Quick Picks

Wood & Metal File 

A well designed metal file consists of uniform tooth height for smooth and even finishing.  

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Circular Saw 

The circular saw has a multitude of practical applications.

Sledge Hammer Double Steel American Hickory 

The American Hickory sledge hammers feature a double steel make and wood wedges.  

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