Popcorn Maker Buying Guide

Who ISN'T tired of microwave popcorn. Such horrible repetition: Put the bag in the microwave. Press some buttons. Stand there while your body is bombarded with radiation. What fun! Now, if only there was a way to make the quickest snack of all time slightly more laborious...slightly more, well, circusy.

Well now you can!

Some Quick Points

  1. Buying jars  instead of pre-packaged popcorn  can be very economical in the long run, as you can cook the amount of popcorn you desire instead of a predetermined quantity.
  2. By purchasing plain popcorn, you give yourself a blank palette on which you can add your flavours. Trying different spices or oils can make for some interesting variations on an age old snack, and a lot of fun!


Hot Air Poppers
  • One great way to bring variety to your popcorn is a hot air popper . These machines use simple hot air to pop the popping corn , making this the healthiest way to enjoy such a great snack. 
  • The kernels are spun in a central chamber, which is heated by electricity. When the small amount of water in each kernel turns to steam, the kernel bursts from the change in pressure, and the fibrous innards combine with the air to form the finished product: popcorn. The machine is usually equipped with a chute to transport the popcorn to a bowl. 
  • Many air poppers have specific compartments for dispensing toppings.
  • Since no oil is required, an air popper can produce several batches of popcorn in a row.
  • Recommendation: One popular model is the Presto 04821 , rated high on both Amazon and Epinion.

Hot Oil Poppers
  • Oil poppers  use oil instead of air to pop the kernels.
  • A stovetop popper  is normally cast iron or stainless steel. To make the popcorn, simply dump some kernels in the pan with a little oil, cover, and heat gently. Make sure to shake the pan while cooking to avoid burning the popcorn. 
  • Other models are electric.
  • They are usually of similar price to hot air poppers.
  • Many contend that oil poppers use such a minuscule amount of oil, they are no less healthy than air poppers. 
  • Recommendation: The West Bend Stir Crazy  (pictured) is highly rated electric oil popper.

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