Popcorn Makers Buying Guide

Today, most people think of making popcorn as putting a bag in the microwave for three minutes and waiting for the popping to stop. While this is easy and convenient, some people still enjoy making it in more of an "old fashioned" way, by popping it on the stove or in a popcorn maker, which allows you to salt and butter to your taste.


There are two kinds of popcorn makers available for home use maker'>oil poppers. No matter which you choose, popping your own corn is both fun and economical. !

Retro Models


There are a few microwave poppers which are basically plastic bowls with lids designed specifically for popping corn. You can add the right amount of popcorn and flavorings and throw it in the microwave for a few minutes. You can also manage with a brown paper bag and a single staple. Directions can be found here.

Other Things to Consider

Cooking method is the main factor in deciding which popcorn maker to buy, but there are other features to think about as well. * '''Efficiency''': Will the popper cook all of the corn that you put in? * '''Speed''': What volume of popcorn can it produce in a given amount of time? * '''Size''': Will you be able to store it easily? Does it make enough popcorn to suit your needs? * '''Ease of cleaning''': Does it come apart? Is any part of it machine washable? * '''Extra features''': Do you want a melted butter compartment? Will it shut off automatically? Is it an attractive model?

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