Portable DVD Players

A portable DVD players are small enough to sit on a airplane tray table or in the back of a minivan. Whatever purpose you have for purchasing a portable DVD player, make sure you consider your needs before purchasing.

Portable DVD Styles

Features To Consider

* '''Size, Weight and Maneuverability''' ** Smaller players will travel more easily, but if it is too small it will not be ideal for a car player, so make sure the the '''size''' of the player can accommodate your needs and viewers. ** A portable DVD player can get pretty heavy, especially if the player has large rechargeable batteries. All players are small enough to be portable, but check the '''weight''' in the product details when comparing models you plan to buy for travel. ** For optimum viewing on your lap, you might want to look for DVD players with a '''rotating screen''' that does a 180° and then folds back down on top of the unit like a tablet computer. The Mustek MP100 too. ** Flexible arms can help enhance the viewing angle in cramped or awkward spaces. Check out the Panasonic DVD LS91. ** '''Screen size''' varies but, larger is definitely better, despite the higher cost. Also consider the '''aspect ratio'''. Try to get a model with both 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen) compatibility. Here are some big screen models with a 9" or larger screen: DVD burner at home. ** '''Outputs''' enable portable DVD players to substitute for regular size DVD players at home. You'll want a player which has high quality outputs, such as component or S-Video and both digital and analog outputs for audio, so you can get the best quality playback. Also look for a '''Dolby Digital '''and''' DTS''' support if you own a surround sound or home theater system. ** Multiple '''headphone jacks''' are very useful when the DVD player will serve multiple users at one time. * '''Enhancements''' ** '''Virtual surround sound''' is a great feature that will help enhance the sound quality by recreating a surround sound feel. ** '''Skip protection''' is essential if you want the player to do well in cars or in any bumpy environments.

The Top Rated Models ranks the players below as top: '''Other popular models include: ''' ! * Toshiba SD-P2700 * Panasonic DVD-LS50 * Philips USA PET1000 * GoVideo DP-8240 * Samsung DVD-L70 *