Portable Drum Sets

It's bad enough that drummers are always at the butt end of jokes among bandmates, but they also have to lug around the heaviest and bulkiest equipment. Fortunately, portable drum sets allow for painless transitions from gig to gig for the drummer fed up with the endless bags, cases and other backbreaking contraptions associated with standardthe surprising richness of the sound is sure to win you over. A variety of models are available from major manufacturers like Yamaha, Pearl and Arbiter.   

To Buy or Not to Buy

If any of the following scenarios apply to you, take a long, good look at the advantages of a portable drum set: * You're a gigging drummer who is frequently on the move. * Storage space is a major issue and/or setup space at the gig may be tight. * You want a reliable drum set that sounds good, but don't want to spend a fortune (just yet). * You want a kit to practice on but you live in an apartment. * You're both an aspiring drummer and in college, which probably means you're broke.


Unlike a few years ago, there are many compact drum sets on the market today. While the general approach is the same (portable and lightweight), each manufacturer offers something unique. Do you prefer singleTraveler'>Pearl Rhythm Traveler)? Before you seek out a distributor, do your research, test out the different products if possible and determine for yourself which kit is right for you.

Yamaha Hipgig

The drum mics.  Specs for Yamaha Hipgig: * 16 x 20" Bass Drum, 12 x 5" Snare Drum, and 10 x 6" and 13 x 7" Mounted Toms * 7-ply Birch/Mahogany Shell * Floating bass drum system * All drums and cymbals (except hi-hats) are mounted on bass drum * Gig bag included with set * Available finishes: White Marine Pearl, Mellow Yellow, Cherry Wood * Add-on toms available

Arbiter Flats

Based in the U.K., Arbiter has seen its line of Flats drum sets gain popularity overseas in the United States. There are two models: the Related Guides * Drum Sets * Musical Instruments * Music