Pots and Pans Buying Guide

There are a wide variety of pots and pans available to the modern chef. This guide aims to let you know about the numerous options available and help you find the best cookware for your needs. Cookware can be made out of various different materials, including aluminum. There many types of pots and pans that may be suitable for your kitchen depending on what you cook and prepare on a daily basis. Check out our tips below to get started!

General Cookware Advice

Some things to consider when purchasing cookware. * '''Size, Weight and Number''' ** What size or sizes do you anticipate needing? Do you need more than one size? ** Generally larger pans will serve you better, unless storage is a serious issue. ** Will you be able to lift it comfortably even if it is full of water/sauce/chicken? ** When buying cookware, you will often see a set of numbers such as 18/0. This is the amount of chromium and nickel that went into making the stainless steel. So, if you see a pot that has an 18/0, that means it has no nickel in it. * '''Materials''' ** What material best suits your cooking needs? * '''Handles''' ** Are they attached firmly? ** Are they heat resistant? ** Is the handle long enough for your needs? ** Will it say securely on the pot after repeated use? * '''Lids''' ** Does the pan come with a lid? ** Is the lid made of glass? ** Does the lid fit snugly? * '''Cleaning and Maintenance''' ** Is it dishwasher safe or can you scrub/soak it?

The Basics

To set up your kitchen, you'll need most or all of these. You'll probably want two or three saucepans of varying sizes, two or three frying pans and one each of the others. If your space is very limited, just go with the essentials.

Advanced Equipment

Now that you've got your kitchen set up, maybe you want to add a few specialty items for fancier cooking and more elaborate dishes. The items below are not necessary but can add a little pizzazz to your dinner table. While they can be used for a number of dishes, they aren't as versatile as the basics above.

Specialized Cookware

A few of these pieces could be used for more than one dish, but most of them are specially designed for a very limited range of usefulness. Not recommended unless you happen to make a particular dish with some frequency.

Complete Cookware Sets

A basic setup for a kitchen of one or two people probably needs two or three saucepans of different sizes, two different sizes of frying pans and a small stockpot. A number of companies have "starter" sets available with this plan in mind. Some of these sets also include kitchen implements (spatulas, set for a family of four.These sets are good for starting up your kitchen or adding some new pieces to the old. Pick one up today and get cooking!  

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