Pots, Planters and Urns Buying Guide

Pots, planters and urns are plant containers that are used by enthusiastic gardeners to showcase their plants and by landscapers to create spell binding outdoor displays. Pots and planters are a great means of housing plants indoors if you live in a flat. 

Pot and Planter Materials

Pots and planters are made from a variety of materials like polyethylene, wood, treated mud pots, terracotta, PVC, cement and brass. Planters made of polyethylene are great for are very convenient to nourish new plants until they are ready for transplanting into pots. Terracotta and wood containers add a rustic beauty to the garden. PVC pots and planters are great for hanging plants. 

Pot and Planter Shapes and Sizes

Pots and planters are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Smaller pots and planters are ideal for indoor use while large pots and planters look lovely in spacious outdoors. Planter are designed in common shapes like round, square, oval, hexagonal, etc. or in interesting shapes like long oblong cradle basket planters, 2 or 3 tier fountain basket planters or planters with themed designs like angels, doves, parakeets, etc . There are specially designed pots and planters for holding climbers with support for them to grow on. There are also hanging planters to hold wall hanging plants and salad planters to hold small plants.

Popular Brands of Pots, Planters and Urns

  • Gardman
  • Just Green
  • Bosmere
  • Haxnick
  • Napa Home and Garden

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Terracotta Pot - Frost Proof Leaf Urn :

The frost proof condition is made of potting clay that is prepared and weathered for 2 years outside.

Regency Urn Planter :

he planter urns are hand coloured and cast from Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete.

Garden Mossy Pots, Urn, Planter and Plant Pots by Terry Curran :

The garden mossy pots which are actually designer options feature a contemporary design.

Quick Picks

Crackle Urn Planter :

The crackle Urn Planter provides a display for your plants, useful for decoration and enhancing the decor.

Urn Planter Small :

The ornamental urn is powder coated for a long lasting look.

Mini Wooden Stash Pot - Mysterious Urn :

The urn is a stash pot for stashing away small items in the garden.

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