Power Grinders Buying Guide

Power grinders are the electric, pneumatic, or petrol powered counterpart to the abrasive wheel. They have high-powered motors that spin a rough wheel at high speeds to smooth edges, and can work on wood, metal, and other building supplies. Obviously, a high powered wheel contraption is bound to have a lot of safety features, but the operator can certainly do his or her part by wearing appropriate attire while using their power grinder. Goggles ,leather gloves , and even the occasional pair of work boots  can save a lot of visits to hospital. 

Types of Grinders

  • Mounted
  • Used for larger projects
  • More likely to cause injury than the die grinder
  • Can be used for tool sharpening
  • Large; requires storage
  • Either electric, petrol, or compressed air powered
  • Medium sized corners and projects
  • More likely to cause injury than the die grinder
  • Hand-held
  • Medium on the small size; no storage required
  • Either electrically or pneumatically powered
  • Speed determined by throttle
  • Recommended for smaller corners or projects
  • Small; fits in your tool kit

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