Power Saws Buying Guide

Today's power saws are more efficient and effective than ever.  Whether you're just jumping on the woodworking  wagon or in the market for something new, now is the prime time to start shopping.  Power saws offer everything from more powerful motors  to laser accuracy, easy-to-operate controls and ergonomic  grips that allow you to work comfortably well into the night.  They're practical tools for craftsman  of all levels and interests, as their blades  and other features can easily be tailored to your favourite projects.

Oh, The Variety!

Each model offers different advantages.  Some allow you to slice through thick lumber with ease by way of heavy-duty blades, while others are so accurate that it's possible to create ornate patterns for cabinetry ,chairs ,toy chests  and the like.  Just remember that some types of saws are more suited to perform certain tasks on certain materials than others, so be sure to do your homework and read the packaging.  For example, the popular circular saw is durable and efficient for cutting a large volume of wood, but it isn't very versatile. Jigsaws and hand-held power saws that are more lightweight and easy to manouevre can make more sophisticated cuts, like cross-cuts, plunge cuts or freestle scrolling cuts.   Now that you've got the important stuff in mind, check out all the POWER! below:

Handheld Saws

Jig Saws 

Circular Saws 

Radial Arm Saws 

Reciprocating Saw 

Table Saws

Table Saws 

Mitre Saws 
Compound Mitre Saws 

Band Saws 

Tile Saws 

Important Features to Look For

  • The Blade:  A saw's blade is one of, if not the most, important features of any power saw.  With the right blade, you can move beyond wood to ceramic tile, masonry and even steel.  Blades made from steel are the least expensive because they can get dull rather quickly when used on particularly hard wood.  Look for teeth that are tipped with carbide to stay sharper longer.
  • Accuracy:  Some of today's most inexpensive power saw models are still equipped with an on-board laser that acts as a guide for making more accurate cuts.  It's much better than trying to follow a dull pencil line that's covered in saw dust.  Plus, they're great for long ripping jobs that require a lot of tedious attention to detail.
  • Durability:  You want to look for a well-made tool  with impact-resistant casing to help ensure that your product will last as long as possible.
  • Safety:  Modern power saws come with a variety of safety features from trigger locks that prevent accidental starting to blade brakes that stop the blade from moving after you finger is taken from the trigger.  

Some Extra Gadgets

Power Saw Accessories

Extension Tables 

Out Feed Extensions 


Dado Heads 

Mobile Bases 

Major Manufacturers

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