Pram Accessories Buying Guide

As if babies don't come with enough accessories for sleeping ,bathing ,eating  and playing , why not add travelling  to the mix?  If you plan to get some exercise in the mall or on the trail with your bouncing bundle of joy, you're going to need a pram  to push baby along.  But not every pram comes equipped with the things needed to keep baby happy and Mummy sane.  So check out some of the handy extras below--it may be worth it to add them to your baby budget!


To ensure that your child is protected from wind, rain, excessive sun and whatever else the elements may throw at you, consider getting some form of canopy for your pram.  While some cover the entire body of the carriage, others only hang over the carrier portion.  


If you plan to take your pram on hikes or family day trips, accessories geared toward easy food storage make serving, eating and clean-up simple.  Some prams have cup holders for the baby as well as water bottle holders  near the handles for the parents, while others have a cooler that can be stored underneath the carriage.  And if you're having a family picnic, a pram can become a portable high chair with a simple snack tray that organizes all of baby's finger foods.


Having some storage room in your pram is a great idea if you plan to take your child along with you to the grocery store, the mall or on other errands.  Pram hooks attach to the handle bars and allow you to safely hang bags, while pram cargo bags let you store a bunch of items conveniently behind the carrier.  These cargo bags are also often made of mesh, which allows you to easily see the contents.


Nothing can be more heartbreaking or distracting than pushing along a crying child.  To keep your baby happy and occupied, there are toys that are designed to fit snugly on the lap bar of the pram as well as those that hang directly from the pram canopy.

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