Pressure Cookers Buying Guide

A pressure cooker cooks food using steam, high temperatures and of course, pressure. Unlike the slow cooker , the pressure cooker can easily prepare meals while sealing in all the flavour, moisture and nutrients needed to keep food tasting spectacular.  It does so by utilizing a sealed environment with an atmospheric pressure of 15 psi. At this pressure, water boils at a much higher temperature (125° C instead of 100° C), and can be used to rapidly cook foods that may otherwise take hours in an oven  or slow cooker . 

Important Features

  • Size
    • Pressure cookers vary in size from four litres to seven litres.
    • The bigger the capacity, the higher the price.  They start at about £20 and can go as high as £90.
  • Electric vs. Stovetop
    • Stovetop models  often adhere to higher safety standards and are dishwasher safe.
    • Electric models  have convenient timers, but are more expensive than their stovetop brethren.  
  • Safety
    • Choose a material that is heavy duty, durable and able to apply consistent heat to foods (like stainless steel).
    • Good valves with pressure regulators help to avoid dangerous malfunctions.
    • Choose a pot with heat-resistant handles and a locking lid that is easy to manoeuvre.
  • Pressure
    • If your cooker doesn't use 15 psi, you'll have to alter your recipes accordingly.
    • New models give you a quick-release option, which eliminates the need for extra water to cool things down.
  • Warranty
    • This is the best way to guarantee a long lasting, quality product
  • Extras
    • Timers .
    • Browning functions.
    • Non-stick finishes.
    • A rack  or trivet .
    • A steamer basket  for vegetables.
    • A heatproof soufflé dish  for desserts.
    • A heat-diffuser to prevent direct contact between the heat source and the bottom of the cooker.  Especially helpful for preparing rice, pasta or beans, as it prevents sticking and burning.

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