Punching Bags Buying Guide

Whether you're training  for your first big match or just blowing off some steam, punching bags can make great sparring buddies--they wont trash talk you, but they will fight back.

Standing Bags 

These are heavy bags that have large rounded bases and rest on the floor. They're great for:

  • Both punching and kicking the bag.  This is because the foam on the base provides more striking surface for kicks.
  • Easy storage.  They can be rolled into closets and corners.

Filling and weight:

  • Standing bags can be filled with either water or sand.
  • Water is preferred because it gives more realistic feedback when hit, whereas sand will have a harder, less forgiving feel.
  • Standing bags usually weigh between 113 to and 136 kilos.

Hanging Bags  

These are heavy bags that are suspended from wall mounts or from chains and hooks attached to the ceiling.  They're great for:

  • A rough workout.  They're extremely durable and can provide you with a workout that helps develop your strength and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.
  • Developing coordination and improving reaction time through use of sway.

You can tell if they're quality by:

  • Checking out the manufacturer.  If they're made by a well-known company, like TKO  or Everlast , you're most likely in the clear.
  • If they're made from leather.  These bags are long lasting and provide the athlete with a more comfortable feel when struck.

Additional Information:

  • Vinyl bags mimic the look and feel of leather while being more affordable.
  • Unlike sand bags, water-core hanging bags are adjustable in weight--they can adapt to your changing needs as a boxer.

Desktop Bags 

Relieve stress in the office or at home with a desktop bag that's designed to look and act like the real thing. 

  • The large suction-cup bottom will adhere to most smooth surfaces.
  • A steel spring provides quick rebounds. 


The weight of your punching bag can affect the quality of your experience.  The heavier the bag is, for instance, the less your bag will sway.  And this can be a good attribute, as too much sway would make the bag extremely difficult to hit.  On the other hand, if the bag if overfilled, allowing for little sway at all, you could be exposing yourself to muscle and bone damage during difficult training sessions..

Hanging a Heavy Bag

Unlike their free-standing counterparts, hanging bags need additional hardware before they can be used properly. There are a variety of wall mounts and hooks that allow you to hang your bag anywhere you need to, including some of the most common places like garages, basements and workout rooms.   

Major Manufacturers

  • Century 
  • Fitness-equipment
  • Everlast
  • Tigerclaw
  • TKO

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