Pushchair Footmuffs Buying Guide

 Pushchair footmuffs  have a micro fabric outer  with soft warm fleece lining  and the front zips off to leave your baby warm and cosy.

Buying Tips

  • They should be designed to be compact ,waterproof   and lightweight .
  • Footmuffs should be shaped to allow good air circulation  and generous room for even the larger child.
  • Footmuffs with reflective stripes  at the front offer enhanced visibility in the dark.
  • Suede lining  allows the baby to relax in luxury and a split near the legs can enable the babies to move their legs freely.
  • Soft padded footmuffs  can offer additional comfort for the babies.
  • Choose footmuffs with thick pile fleece liner  and elasticated waist that will keep the baby warm and cosy.
  • Footmuffs with zip off front  panel allows easy and quick access to the baby.'
  • For the baby to stay clean and healthy, the footmuffs should facilitate easy washing using hand wash .  Polyester lined footmuffs  can be machine washed.
  • Organic footmuffs are a better choice, but might be a bit costly.  Footmuffs with harnesses  provide the needed safety for the baby and should be compatible with 3 or 5-point harness.
  • Footmuffs come complete with storage bags  that are reusable.

Top Brands

Quick Picks


Maclaren Techno XT Footmuff Black :

This black footmuff is quick and easy to install and provides luxurious padding for the entire length of the seat.

Maxi Cosi Footmuff Fast Forward :

This footmuff with warm fleece interior, hood, Velcro front fastening, elasticated waist and zippered access is perfect for any child within 2 years of age.

Hippychick Newborn Footmuff :

 This delightfully soft footmuff is made of microfibre suede that ensures a snug and comfortable fit for the baby.


Bugaboo & Paul Frank Footmuff Julius :


These funky new footmuffs featuring the characters Skurvy, Clancy and Julius is a perfect hit among the toddlers.

Obaby Candyfloss Pink Footmuff Cosytoes :


These well padded footmuffs with the Velcro tops come in a variety of colours that you can choose from.

Quinny Speedi Footmuff Raven :

This machine washable footmuff fits the Quinny Speedi 3 wheeler pushchair and comes complete with storage bag.

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