Rain Boots Buying Guide

You wake up and look outside your window only to be met with overcast gray skies. You know your commute will leave the bottom of your pants  soaked and your shoes ruined--but fear not! Cute rain boots  can give you an excellent opportunity to show off your sense of style while keeping your feet dry.

Rain boots  were first popularized in the 19th century by the Duke of Wellington (hence the nickname Wellies ), and were originally made of leather  and worn primarily by men . Today, most rain boots are made of rubber  or a synthetic equivalent. When buying a pair, make sure you are purchasing shoes that are specifically manufactured to endure rainy conditions and are waterproof .  See your varying choices of colors  and styles  below!

Buying Tips

  • Although the rain boots  may be your correct shoe size, it can be rather tight in the leg. To avoid this, try to purchase a boot that is adjustable in the calf area.
  • The shape of the rain boot can be unflattering to the natural shape of one's foot. If this is something that will bother you, try to buy a boot that is more contoured in the foot area.
  • Rain boots are suited for harsh outdoor conditions but that's where they should stay--outside. One should bring another pair of shoes to change into after arrival. You might look foolish tracking mud all over the office floor, and these boots are heavy to walk around in all day.
  • Rain boots are versatile enough to be worn with any outfit. Consider tucking them into jeans  for a more stylish feel!


For Women

Keep in mind that rain boots  can come in a rainbow of colors and styles, including polka dots ,plaid ,animal print  and camo . Pick your favorite and make those rainy days feel fun.

Ankle Rain Boots 

This short pull-on  design works with any kind of outfit and is much more subtle than its clunky Wellie counterpart.

Calf-Length Rain Boots 

Rain boots that don't quite reach the knee are perfect for petite women !  They won't overwhelm your legs, and still come in a variety of fun prints and patterns.

Classic Wellies 

These are lots of fun and come in all kinds of styles.  Many women like Sperry Top Sider Rain Boots  because of their warm fleece lining and superb durability.

Wedge Rain Boots 

 For a more feminine silhouette, wedge boots do the trick.  They give your foot some shape and keep your style looking sharp.  Michael Kors  makes a fun version!

For Men

Nothing puts a damper on the day quite like having soggy socks .  The next time it rains, skip the sneakers and pull on a pair of quality, waterproof boots to keep those feet warm and dry.

Nylon Rain Boots 

Modeled after the original  Wellington boots, nylon rain shoes are classy, timeless, and durable.  

Rubber Rain Boots 

Clunky and weatherproof, Baffin rain boots  are a popular alternative.  Look for a rugged color like black  to go with your clothes.

Heavy Duty Rain Boots 

For those long walks from the subway or the days spent out in the garden, you will want a durable pair of boots  to keep you dry.

All-Weather Boots 

 For a pair of boots that will take you through the year, look for some water-proof hiking boots , perfect for rain, snow, and slush.

For Kids

When it rains, kids  get to have all of the fun!  Splashing around in puddles  and trekking through the mud are only a few favorite activities of curious children ; you will surely want to keep their toes out of trouble with a good pair of rain boots . 

Rubber Rain Boots 

These boots are perfect for kids and can be found in cute cheetah  prints or cowboy  designs.

Kidorable Rain Boots 

This popular seller makes everything from ladybugs  to frogs , giving your kids a fun approach to the rain.

Fireman Rain Boots 

What little boy  doesn't look up to his community heroes?  With these boots (and maybe even a raincoat  to match), he can pretend he is one!

Toddler Rain Boots 

Surely you will want to keep teeny tiny toes warm and dry too!  With special sizes and prints out there for toddlers , the options are endless.

Hatley Rain Boots 

These kids boots are really cute! Boys can be cool with their dog boots  For kids who love to make mud pies after a good rainfall there is a cute matching dog raincoat 

Extra Protection

Now that you've picked out your rain boots, a stellar rain for you or your child  will leave you feeling prepared for any weather that comes your way.  See some recommendations below.

Women's Grace Jacket 

This heavy-duty trench is waterproof and seam sealed to shield you from all wind and rain. It's made from a breathable fabric with multiple pockets for the ultimate in convenience and style.

Men's Rain Shadow Jacket 

This rain shell is not only waterproof but tear-resistant. It comes with an adjustable hood, two handwarmers, and coated zippers.

Women's Rain Shadow Trench 

This trenchcoat protects you from the elements and is lightweight and compressible at the same time. Comes with plenty of pockets and is designed in a stylish feminine shape.

Men's Nano Puff Pullover 

This super warm jacket is wind and water resistant and works as both an insulating layer and outerwear jacket. It's material also allows for easy storage inside your backpack .

Women's Rain Shadow Jacket 

This waterproof jacket works great as an outer layering piece. An adjustable hood, storm flaps, and a waterproof barrier make this the ultimate piece to have with you outdoors.

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