Reading Glasses Buying Guide

Reading glasses  are exclusively designed for easy reading and are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

Face shape:

There are different frames designed to complement different faces. Men’s  reading glasses have different designs when compared to women’s  glasses. Get a frame which will flatter your face.

  • Angular face:Look for a rounded  frame such as an oval  frame to soften the lines.
  • Colour: It will be better if the frame comes in a colour which blends with your skin tone as well as colour. Pick from coloured  frames or black ,silver  or gold  frames. Tinted glasses  or a frameless  glass also look good on certain people.

Factors to Consider

  • Get reading glasses with cases  which can be transported around safely and easily in your pocket, briefcase or purse.
  • UV protective lens glasses  will protect your eyes from the harsh effects of the sun.
  • Flexible  glasses constructed from a special lightweight flexible plastic are much better tempered than rigid plastic  frames. Hence you do not have to worry about them being squashed in pockets.
  • For the garden, beach and camping activities - inexpensive reading glasses are a wise choice.
  • You could also buy spectacle cords  and chains  to hang your pair of reading glasses.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

3.00D Reading Glasses Magnifying Eyeglasses: 

Increases the near vision by three times. They’re ideal for sewing, enlarging fine print in books, directories, newspapers, maps and legal documents.

Monochrome Reading Glasses: 

They are lightweight and also a comfortable wear!

Brown Square Reading Glasses: 

These ultra light reading glasses from Marks & Spencer are made from the highest quality optical materials!

Quick Picks

IlliminEyes Frameless Reading Glasses with LED Light: 

Its cool design and stylish lens makes it a favorite of many!

151 Reading Glasses With Transparent Case: 

This high-quality reading glasses even comes with a case for safe storage.

Orvis Distinctive Orvis Reading Glasses: 

The top-grade optics and flexible hinges make this glass stay in place all day long.

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