Ride On Toys

Every child remembers his or her rocking horse ,tricycle , or wagon , and will spend quality time bragging about battery or petrol powered toys  for most of his or her childhood, and frequently into adulthood. For both girls and boys, the toys that literally move them from place to place have a great impact on the way they play. The more mobile a child can be, the more freedom that toy inspires. Most of the ride on toys are geared towards toddlers ad younger children, but as they get older, there are more mobile toys for every stage, all the way through middle age.

Popular Ride On Toys

Tricycles  are but one step away from a real bike and as such, are a very large part of any child's life. There are many options for tricycles, from the plastic Big Wheels  to themed Dora the Explorer  tricycles, all with ranging colours and models. A tricycle is great for a toddler or younger child and offers their first taste of independence--from the door to the drive and back.

Rocking Horses  have been a classic for generations.  They give the movement and motion that's fun for a child without the actual geographical movement. Rocking horses come in lots of styles, from the standard wooden rocking horse  to the softer plush rocking horse . They even come in different colours and species, like a Little Tikes Rockin' Puppy , or a plush rocking horse fish . The rocking horse uses a bit of space, so take measurements before purchasing.

Wagons  are classic toys, great for riding in, moving important cargo such as other toys, come in lots of colours, models and materials: metal ,plastic ,wooden . They're fun for the outdoors, and some even come with skis  for an extra season of play.

Pedal Cars  are a little pricier, depending on the make and model. Some are reproductions of classic cars , while some others, like a Kettcar , are slightly cheaper, or for a younger child, there's a Kettrike  that comes with a pushbar for long rides. The different models have fun colours and themes, and even come in aeroplane  versions.

Toboggans  are great for the winter, going downhill, or across snow. Wooden ones  are nostalgic and timeless, and plastic sleds  are fun too. Depending on the size, these can all fit more than one person, so grown-ups can get downhill too.

Plastic Ride-On Toys  are great for when kids start walking, and quite a while after.  They generally come in plastic with bright colours, like the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe , which  is practically a standard in toys, and is now available in more colours than the classic red, yellow, and black.

Scooters  can be Gas or Electric powered for older children, or simply foot-powered for younger tykes. They come in either sit-down or stand-up versions. It's also a way to work up to a skate board . Many scooters have adjustable handlebars, so they can grow taller with their owners. There are also Dora the Explorer scooters  available.

Roller Racers  are human powered, go forward, and are able to turn only slightly while coasting. Similar to Plasma Cars , child propelled toys are a continuing trend, fun for kids, and have lots of different versions and colours.

Battery Powered Cars  are not extremely fast, but give children that feeling of the open road, and that buzzing of a battery powered engine is very satisfying for a kid when they're in a battery car modelled on a Ferrari ,SUV ,Hummer ,motorcycle ,Vespa scooter ,Mercedes SLK Ride-on Car  or Power Wheels Ford Mustang. 

Skateboards  for older kids are very important. Some kids know what they want before they even pick up the sport, but a Skateboard Guide is never a bad idea if you don't know what kind of skateboard or accessories you're looking for.

Bikes  are a symbol of childhood for many. You probably remember your first mountain bike  or BMX : that first bike with no training wheels attachment. But at the same time, there's always a soft spot for Kids' Bikes, with baskets  and streamers , and possibly cards in the spokes.

Hop Balls  are bouncing toys. Rubbery, colourful, and also available as a Hoppit Horse , the hop ball can be used indoors.

For Older Kids

In-line Skates : for when rented skates just don't cut it any more. Lots of accessories and safety items are also available, and some even match. Depending on how close to a skating rink you live, or whether or not you can safely Rollerblade nearby, in-line skates are good for older kids or adults. Similarly, Ice Skates  are fun for winter.

Pocket Bikes  are small versions of motorcycles, and many run on four-stroke engines. These are mostly just for large areas of land.  Helmets are required, because a pocket bike can be dangerous...but also fun.

Go Karts  are fun as well as somewhat dangerous.  They require garage space and a larger outdoor area to drive in. Great for older kids; available with electric or gas power, and one- and two-seaters.

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