Robotics and RC Toys Buying Guide

Robots  aren't what they used to be.  Though we still love those retro robots , the latest robotic toys  are intense!  With high intelligence and realistic movements, kids aren't only getting a toy -- they are getting a new friend.  Browse through our top picks to find out just what robots are capable of these days.  

Popular Robotics

MechRC Robot 

  • This guy is the love child of a robotics engineer and a Transformers  artist.  (Could it get any better?!)  He is entirely programmable via your PC  and then you can sit back and interact with him. 

FurReal Friends Life-Size 

  • A close substitute to the real thing, Biscuits is a great companion to any child longing for a dog .  His responses to interaction are realistic and he can be taught a variety of tricks and commands.


  • Great on the move or just at home, iTeddy allows kids to play music ,movies , and games  through the screen on his tummy!  


  • The age of dinosaurs  has truly returned.  RoboRaptor has his own intelligent personality, realistic biomorphic motions, and a free-roam mode. 

WALL-E Construct a Bot 

  • You have seen the film ; now build the bot.  This easy-to-use construction toy allows you to build your own version of WALL-E .  The pieces are durable and can survive the tough play that seems to come along with any kinds of robots. 

FlyTech Butterfly 

  • Who says that robots  are just for boys?!  FlyTech  introduces these glittery, pretty butterflies (even available in pink! ) which can twirl, fly, and flutter.  With a crash-resistant body, they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  

Wrex the Dawg 

  • This crazy mutt often changes around his personality, making him a pretty humorous toy .  He can happily roam about on his rear wheels, avoiding obstacles with infra-red sensors.  He is full of animation and also has no problem playing guard dog.


  • This robotic baby dinosaur  changes his mind and his mood just as often as you do.  He feels hunger and fatigue, along with a wide range of other emotions, and will need some serious nurturing.  It is fascinating to watch him evolve!  

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