Romantic Comedies Buying Guide

People love romance, as evidenced by the continued popularity of dating and marriage, and they love to laugh. So when you mix comedy and romance on screen, you get one of the cinema's most popular and enduring genres. Check out this selection of tales of love and laughter.

Recent Releases

These romantic comedies wooed cinema audiences last year, and are now available on DVD.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past 

Matthew McConaughey  stars as a playboy visited by the ghosts of his ex-girlfriends in this comic take on A Christmas Carol. 

Did you Hear About the Morgans 

Hugh Grant  and Sarah Jessica Parker  play a recently divorced couple who witness a murder and are forced to go into witness protection together.

The Proposal 

Sandra Bullock  plays an executive who forces her assistant (Ryan Reynolds ) to marry her in order to keep from being deported.

The Ugly Truth 

Katherine Heigl  is a TV producer and Gerald Butler  is a talk show host, and when they meet they instantly dislike each other. But will they come to love each other? Probably.

He's Just Not That Into You 

An all star cast including Jennifer Aniston ,Scarlett Johansson ,Drew Barrymore  and Jennifer Connelly  learn some hard truths about relationships.

Modern Classics

These are some of the best romantic comedies of the modern era, and definitely worth checking out.

Annie Hall 

Woody Allen 's classic romantic comedy has inspired countless lesser imitators, but it still holds up today.

Lost in Translation 

Sofia Coppola 's Oscar winning film stars Bill Murray  and Scarlett Johansson as strangers meeting in Tokyo and forming an unlikely connection.

Before Sunset 

Ethan Hawke  and Julie Delpy  are reunited after a chance meeting in Paris in this sequel to Before Sunrise .

Pretty in Pink 

John Hughes'  teen comedy about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who meets a boy from the right side of the tracks. Will they overcome their cultural obstacles?

As Good as it Gets 

Jack Nicholson  plays an cranky obsessive compulsive who gets a shot at redemption when he falls in love with a waitress with a sick kid.

Old Hollywood Classics

The golden age of the romantic comedy was during the Hollywood studio system, where charming stars were given witty and fast paced scripts and everything worked in perfect harmony.

His Girl Friday 

Cary Grant  and Rosalind Russesl  are fast talking reporters and a divorced couple. She tells him she's getting engaged to another man, and he does his best to stop it.

The Philadelphia Story 

Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart  and Katharine Hepburn , possibly the three biggest romantic comedy stars of all time, got together to make one of the greatest films of the genre.

Bringing Up Baby 

When a wacky dame with a pet leopard meets a stuffy palaeontologist who's missing his dinosaur bone, you'd better believe wackiness ensues.

The Apartment 

Jack Lemmon  stars as a mild mannered clerk who lets the executives of his company use his apartment for their affairs, but then falls in love with his boss' mistress.

Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Audrey Hepburn  in her most famous role, as a breakfast eating New York socialite looking for a man.

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