Router Bits Buying Guide

Router bits are most often used for creating decorative effects and also helpful in joining wood pieces together. They are normally divided as non-edge bits or edge bits. While edge bits have a small wheel bearing to act as a fence during drilling, non-edge bits require the use of a fence. 

Router Bit Materials

  • Carbide tipped router bits are very costlier than high-speed steel bits but stay sharp for longer periods and can be used on hardwoods. 
  • High-speed steel bits are affordable and used most often on soft woods. They are not used on hardwoods as they get dull and can make the router strain.
  • Solid carbide bits are affordable yet durable and are specifically designed for certain applications like pattern cutting, laminate or mortising cutting.

Types of Router Bits

  • Straight blades cut grooves and dado.
  • Veining bit router cuts ‘v’ patterns and grooves.
  • Edge forming bits have rollers on one end which give wood pieces a good finish.
  • Rabbeting bits are used to cut rabbets on flat woods.
  • Slotting bits cut slots for receiving splines or‘t’ molding.
  • Flush trims are used on countertops for laminating.
  • Dovetails cut pins and tails for wood joints.
  • Panel raising cutters creates panel edges most often in raised panels.
  • Stile cutters cut beading and grooves on stiles and rails in panels and frames.
  • Molding cutters for custom molding.

Choosing Router Bits

  • Router bits with more metal at the back prevent from kickbacks during deep bites and fast feeding. 
  • Router bits should have smooth cuts and should not bend or break while using them.
  • Normally router bits with pilot bearing are preferred as they last longer and perform well especially when they have dust shields in between the bodies and bearings. Dust shields keep the turning smooth and bearing clean.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Faithfull Router Bit Dovetail :

This tungsten carbide dovetail cutter is designed to be used in conjunction with dovetailing jigs.

Titan Router Bit Set :

The set includes 10 router bits for complete efficiency.

Bosch 6-piece Router Bit Set :

Every router bit is made of tungsten carbide and is packed in a plastic case.

Quick Picks

Miniature HSS Router Bits :

These bits are used to produce small detailed profiles in miniature doll houses and model making projects.

High Speed Steel Drill Bit Sets :

These sets are suitable for general workshop use in bench and pillar drill applications.

Silverline 4-piece Kitchen Router Bit Set :

This set includes all the necessary router bits required for kitchen fitters.

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