Router Bits

By User:elizabetherin @timeAndDate(1271320159) Crafting a small box? Putting together some kitchen drawers? Creating wooden power drill, making it ideal for smoothly cutting through wood, particularly the tougher kinds, like ash and red wood. '''Our focus: The Bit'''. new router bits. * What am I looking to do? * What brands am I working with? * What sizes should I be looking at? * What shape is best for what I am doing?

Types of Router Bits

There are many, many common ones. ! *1.5" *cove router bit. '''Random Fact''': Have a unique woodworking pattern in mind that doesn't exist yet? Maybe you're looking to recreate original trim or molding pattern that's gone out of production. You can get a custom router bit designed for these purposes.

Brands, Features and Sets

Purchasing carbide bit, if not tungsten, to make sure the piece will perform. Router cutters can also be very expensive set'>a bit more now, the cutter will last you longer.

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