Rowing Machines Buying Guide


The rowing machine  (also referred to as the ergometer , or "erg" in crew training) is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment  out there.  You can run miles on your treadmill , and though you may have had an excellent cardiovascular workout, it still would not compare to overall benefits of the rower .  This machine targets the heart and the muscles, builds up strength as it quickly burns fat, tones flabby areas, and stretches limbs without putting harsh stress on the joints.  Though we know that rowers are some of the fittest athletes in the world, you don't need to be a professional to enjoy the benefits of the machine, as you can adjust the resistance level to fit your own desired exercise goals.           

Choosing a Machine


These compact rowing machines  are great for small areas, as usually you can find a model that folds up  for storage.  It allows you to adjust the resistance in each arm and is very quiet, which is always a perk.

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Though just as quiet as the piston model, the magnetic rower  is not as compact.  Aimed at the average consumer, these machines offer a variety of resistance levels at a modest price.

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Often used by rowers, this type of machine may be noisy but provides a close feeling of rowing on water.  The length of the machines often accommodates users of all sizes and these variable features tend to raise its cost.  

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A tank of water provides the resistance on these machines, giving them a "real" rowing feeling similar to that of the air models.  The most expensive of models, this rower increases resistance as you increase speed. 

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