Running Shoe Roundup

ByUser:bkeating9 @timeAndDate(1305217841) ! With Summer nearly upon us, we thought it was time to put together an overview of some of the best, new running shoes on the market.  Besides the heat, which you can get around by running in the evenings or before work in the morning, the Summer is the best time to be a runner.  Plenty of weekend road races, fresh air and sunshine, and if you're fortunate enough to live near a body of water, a perfect cool down after a great workout.   We are incredibly excited about many of the models that are coming out for Summer 2011.  Of course, as predicted, the minimalist shoe craze has continued to flourish with many of the major running shoe companies beginning to produce shoes that simulate the experience of running barefoot.  Below we will provide a quick brush-up on how to avoid injury by discovering your foot type, before getting into the new shoes!  

Motion Control Shoes

Motion Control Shoes are designed for runner's with overpronating feetside motion of the runner's foot.  All of the shoes featured below are available for men and women.  

Stability Shoes

Stability Shoes are designed for runners with neutral feet, and can also be used by runners with incredbily mild pronation issues.  Stability Shoes are most noted for their incredible arch support, especially for runners with normal to highup through heavy mileage.  For this reason Stability Shoes are often recommended for runners training for marathons or other lengthy races.  All of the shoes featured below are available for men and women.  

Neutral Cushion Shoes

Neutral Cushion Shoes are designed for runners with neutral to mildly underpronating feetarches, preventing their feet from rolling far enough inwards.  Neutral Cushion Shoes are outfitted with midsole stability units, and ample cushioning, which helps to balance the foot through the middle of the runner's natural gait.  All of the shoes featured below are available for men and women.  

Trail Shoes

The Summertime not only offers ample opportunity to get out on the roads and test your paces, it is also a great time to get back to nature, with some exciting trail running.  Obviously, no two trails will offer the same features, some will be challenging with rocks and moss covered trees, while others will be more laid back, perhaps dirt and grass.  In this section we will highlight some of the best all-around trail shoes for Summer 2011, the kinds of shoes that will always have you prepared.  All the shoes featured below are available for men and women.

Minimalist or Barefoot Running Shoes

We had to do it.  No running shoe guide would be complete without a discussion of the minimalist running shoe phenomenon.  Though not everyone is convinced, there is no doubting that minimalist or barefoot running shoes are causing quite a stir, and attracting a fair amount of followers amongst seasoned and serious runners.  Here we will focus on the two most popular types of minimalist running shoes: the original barefoot shoes, the Nike Free Run+, and the heir apparent to the barefoot running crown, the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila.  

Editor's Top Pick: The Coolest Running Watch on the Planet

Chosen as one of the Top 19 Gadgets at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, the Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS is hands down the coolest running watch we have ever seen.  The Nike Plus running system was first introduced in 2006, and since then has gone on to consistently produce some of the most defining products in the world of performance athletics.  Without further ado...

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