Sandwich Makers

Nothing says gourmet like a perfectly toasted sandwich: cheese oozing out the sides, wilted greens embedded between succulent meats or avocados--dare you find something more palate pleasing? If you invest in a sandwich maker --a euphoria inducing kitchen appliance --gourmet toasting can be part of your daily routine.

*Do not plan to work during or after sandwich consumption, as this can result in severe damage (both mentally and physically).  

Variations of the Tool

Traditional Sandwich Maker 

  • Alerts you when it is pre-heated and again when sandwich is finished.
  • Two slots to make two separate sandwiches.
  • Downfall: You cannot put too much filling in the sandwich or it will overflow (which can make the plates hard to clean).
  • Overall: cheap and does the job.

Panini Press 

  • Creates a nice crisp outside with a melted inside.
  • Can be used to cook other foods such as meats and poultry.
  • Some models have adjustable heat control.
  • Can vary in size and price (so make sure the top plate can be clamped over thick sandwiches).

Double Panini Grill 

  • Same features as standard panini grill but it is made bigger for serving multiple people in a single instance (e.g. at a party or a restaurant).

Toasted Snack Maker 

  • Makes individual toasted snacks.
  • Has a non-stick surface.
  • Does not require a plug.
  • Must be heated via stove or oven.
  • Relatively inexpensive (at an average of £18).

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