Sandwich Makers Buying Guide

On a cold and rainy day, is anything better than a warm, gooey sandwich maker, an appliance dedicated to this exact problem. An electric sandwich maker perfectly presses the bread and its contents into a balanced, piping hot, delicious creation as extensive as your imagination.


There are two basic types of sandwich makers available. The first is the familiar indoor grill. These small presses can bring the magic of an Italian cafe straight to your kitchen.

What to Look For in a Sandwich Maker

* '''Capacity:''' Do you want to make only one sandwich at a time, or do you need the extra large four sandwich size? * '''Ease of Cleaning''':Is the interior surface removable for easy cleaning? Does it feature a non-stick finish? Is the whole unit dishwasher safe? * '''Variable Heat:''' Some models have more than one heat setting, allowing for a range of cooking temperatures. It gives you the most control from warming to cooking your sandwiches. It also gives you the possibility of using the sandwich maker to make waffles. * '''Timer''': Some models have a timer, others do not. Decide how important it is to be able to walk away from the sandwich maker while doing something else. * '''Optional Attachments''': Some have additional inserts for waffles or cookies.

Major Manufacturers

* '''Deni''' * '''Breadman''' * '''Delonghi''' * '''Villaware''' * '''Krups''' * '''Black and Decker'''


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