School Supplies Buying Guide

Even after the long summer, many children have no interest in going back to school and even less interest in purchasing the supplies they need in order to do it. That being said, making sure your child is prepared for school can keep their confidence high on the first day. They won't have to worry about the embarrassment of forgetting school supplies and a teacher's reprimanding look as long as you go through this school supplies essentials list and make sure your child is packed and ready to learn!

Writing Supplies

Writing material is a vital component of your child's school supply collection and can also be a great way for them to express their own unique style. Most companies make pencils, pens and notebooks in popular colours and interesting designs. Allowing your child to pick their own could be a fun way to get them excited and involved in the back to school process. If your child's school releases a supply list, check with that before you purchase writing materials as some schools require certain coloured pens or certain types of pencils. 

Take a look at the following list to give you some ideas about your child's back to school writing supplies. 

Things to Write With

Ballpoint Pens 

The core staple to any decent pencil case. Comes in 5mm (extra fine), 7mm (fine/medium) and even 9mm.

No. 2 Pencils 

For maths, stick to pencils so mistakes can easily be corrected.


Active reading includes taking notes and highlighting important passages.

Felt-Tip Pens 

Make corrections on your test with these colourful pens.

Mechanical Pencils 

Sharpening pencils can be a loud hassle, so try these mechanical pencils.

Writing Accessories


Pencil erasers do nothing but spread the graphite around, so use these professional erasers for a clear correction.

Pencil Sharpeners 

Loud, obnoxious, and absolutely fun.

Pencil Cases 

Keep all of your writing equipment organized in these cute pencil cases.

Mechanical Pencil Refills 

Don't let mechanical pencils run out during a test.  Always have a pack of refills handy and don't forget to check the size before buying.

Correction Tape 

One version of the correction fluid was invented by the mother of former Monkees member, Michael Nesbit.

Paper and Notebooks

Composition Notebooks 

Have one for every subject to keep your notes organized.

Assignment Notebooks  and Planners 

Never forget an assignment by writing them all down in an assignment pad.

Graph Paper  and Loose Leaf Paper 

Those who prefer binders to notebooks will need looseleaf and maybe graph paper for math and science.

Index Cards 

Making flash cards is great to learn facts and memorize words.

Staying Organized

Making sure that your child stays organized is a great way to keep them from getting overwhelmed and staying on top of their work during the school year. Organizing work in three ring binders, stapling important and related work together, writing small notes to themselves, and carrying a multi pocket backpack can help your child stay organized throughout the year.

Take a look at the following list for some ideas about products that will help in the organization department. 

Book Covers 

Protect your pricey textbook with book cover.

Staplers  and Staple Removers 

Don't let young kids handle staplers--those tiny fingers can get hurt.

Binders ,Hole Punchers , and Dividers 

Stay organized with dividers for your binders and a hole puncher to punch holes in hand-outs.

Post-Its  and Paper Clips 

Leave little Post-Its as reminders for yourself or your child for assignments or doctor appointments.

Locker Organization Equipment 

 Keep your locker tidy so you can find your textbook and notebook in a hurry and not be late to class.


Keep your things safe and secure with a lock for your locker.  Make sure to write down the combination and keep it at home in case you forget.

Report Covers 

Make your paper look as good and professional as possible.  Remember, presentation is a big part of the grade.

Printer Paper  and Ink Cartridges 

Always have a black cartridge on hand so you don't end up turning in the ten page essay in fuchsia ink.

Plastic Bins 

Keep your desk and homework area clean and de-cluttered for maximum efficiency.

Lunch Bags 

Old school lunch boxes will never go out of style.

Roll Along Backpacks 

Alleviate back pressure with cute rolling backpacks.

Laptop Backpacks 

Fit everything you need for a day of learning and more in these laptop backpacks.

Shoulder Bags 

A more professional option for carrying your textbooks.

Art Supplies

Whether they are used for a school project or just for fun after class, making sure your child has the proper art supplies can make a big difference in their school experience. Many teachers require certain supplies for their class (like markers and coloured pencils for example) and many ask children to bring arts supplies in to contribute to a class collection. Look into your child's requirements before you purchase and then consider letting your child pick out their own art supplies. They'll have fun choosing supplies that will help them do the things they love.

Take a look at the following list for some inspiration for your child's art supply collection. 

Everything For Your Baby Picasso

Construction Paper 

Create South Park-esque characters with construction paper.

Washable Markers 

Every mum's dream: washable markers for the youngsters.

Coloured Pencils 

Most come in 12 packs, but 36 and even 72 are available for the mini Leonardo da Vincis out there.

Craft Paint 

Make sure to lay out plenty of newspapers before beginning craft projects to cut down on the mess and clean up.


Every child's first colouring tool.  Keep a box handy for nostalgia's sake after you graduate first year.

Safety Scissors 

Minimize classroom accidents with these safety scissors.

Glue Sticks 

Create beautiful collages from glue and lots of photographs or magazine cut-outs.


Mini ones are available to fit in pencil cases for use during class.  Some also come with holes so they fit in your binder.

Other Supply Ideas

As technology has continued to advance, it has also become a major part of children's education. Many teachers now assume students have access to computers, advanced calculators and word processors, so there may be a whole slew of school supplies you may not think of at first, but that your child will need. 

Take a look at the following list for some more abstract school supply ideas to help enhance your child's education. 

Scientific Graphing Calculators 

Depending on what class you're in, you might find either of these helpful.  Calculus students will especially appreciate the graphing calculator.

Compass Pencils  and Protractors 

Make Geometry a snap with a compass and a protractor.

Dictionaries ,Thesaurus , and Foreign Language Dictionaries 

Every student should have one of each of these at home.

Learning Laptops 

 Help your kids learn the basics of maths and English in a fun way with these learning laptops.  They'll feel like real grown-ups!

Pen Text Scanners 

Convert your notes into word documents.

Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 

End the hassle of cords and wires and enter the world of bluetooth and wireless.

Children's Educational Software

Encourage your kids to reach their potential in fun ways.

Top Selling School Supply Products

Aurora HC133 Handheld Calculators 

BIC KiDS Evolution Colouring Pencils 

Reward Stickers 

School Cartridge Pens 

Pink & Black Wirebound Hardback Notebooks A4 

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