Science Toys Buying Guide


If your child has already run through all of your baking soda and vinegar, maybe it's time for a chemistry set . Or if spending quality time watching a pupae seems like fun, it might also be fun for them to have a biology based toy . And if blocks  and Legos  just aren't making big enough structures, a build-it-kit  might be a constructive form of enjoyment. Whether its robots  or sea monkeys , science toys cover a lot of ground as far as kids are concerned. Science toys apply to a lot of kids, even younger children. Science can apply to simple acts like gardening , and even to remote controlled  creatures. So even if your child doesn't seem like the science type, you might be surprised by how many science toys apply to basic interests.  

For Four to Seven Year Olds

Sea Monkeys 

My First Chemistry Set 

Terrarium Kits 

Ant Farm 

T-Rex Robot Kit 

For Eight to Eleven Year Olds

M Gears Construction Kits 

Rock Tumbler 

Rocket Kit 

Klutz Battery Science 

Dino Digs Construction 

Jr. Bureau of Investigation Kit 

Teaching Tank Kit 

See Inside Your Body Book 

Snap Rover 

K'NEX Super Structures 

For Twelve Year Olds and Up

Anatomy Models 

Crystal Growing Kits 

Physics Kits 

Robot Kits 

Anatomy and Biology

Owl Puke Book and Pellet 

Mind's Eye Science Kit 

Horrible Science Disgusting Digestion Activity Book 

Hugh the Human Skeleton Kit 


Discovery Remote Control Pterodactyl 

Discovery Remote Control Chromashift Roboreptile 

Dinosaur Toob 

Woolly Mammoth Carnegie Collectible 

I Dig Dinosaurs Velociraptor Skeleton 

Built-it Sets

H-Racer/Hydrogen Station - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car 

Super Inventor's Lab 

Air Zinger Robot Kit 

AM/FM Radio Kit 

More Build-it Sets

Physics Solar Workshop 

Erector Set 

K'NEX Pirate Ship Park 

Levitron Cherry Wood 


Big Bad Booming Bugs 

Nyokki  and Egglings 

World Alive Kit 



Discovery Build Your Own Robot Kit 

Moon Walker II 

Triple Action Solar Car 

Tekno the Robotic Puppy 


Star Theatre 2 

Solar System Floor Puzzle 

Star Explosion Glow in the Dark Stars 

Buzz Aldrin Space Voyagers Ultimate Saturn V Rocket 

Telescopes  and Guides

Related Products

Seeds  and Gardening Basket 



Kids' Clubhouse 

Starter Aquarium 

Educational Toys

Gifts for Nerds

Science Software 

Carmen San Diego Maths Detective 

Bill Nye the Science Guy 

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