Science and Discovery Toys

The great thing about being a kid is getting to learn about all the amazing things in this universe. From biology to chemistry to astronomy, there are oodles of fun and toys. In fact, when choosing science and discovery toys for kids, it's important to consider if the toy or kit will require adult supervision. If so, will the parent or guardian be able to take time out to participate? If not, perhaps a kit that a child can play with without the help of a grownup might be better gift choice. Other points to remember when choosing science and discovery toys: * Consider what the child will like, not what you find cool. * Make sure it's fun and doesn't appear to be too much work. Use your best judgment about the child's interest in science and maturity to determine how much fun is enough. * Don't choose something too easy. It should be age appropriate and challenging. If the toy or game is too simple, then what's the point? Children lose interest quickly unless they have something to keep them engaged and curious about the outcome. * The toy should inspire and engage a child leaving him or her with plenty of questions. * Try to get a toy or game that is an extension of what the child is studying in school.

AllOne Science Kits

Here is a listing of some of the top picks for children by age. They are easy to buy and give because they come with all the necessary ingredients for a funoriented playtime. !

Toys By Discipline

Sometimes kits don't cut it. That's when you need to get down to the nitty gritty. Which subjects does a child like best? Is he or she more of a dinosaur dude or a deep space diva? Below you'll find a variety of hand-picked toys that satisfy a child's toy needs no matter what his or her interests.


Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Beasts



Plants and Insects



Older Children

You can use any of the ideas on this page to come up with your own homemade science kit that caters to an older child's different interests. (The Web is a great resource for finding science experiments, too). Simply use your imagination to figure out what will spark a child's interests. Remember that while kits and activity sets are the perfect allone product for simple gift giving for younger children, don't forget the other science oriented toys that can grow with a child for years to come.

Shop by Category

There are many more options to choose from. Pick a category from the list and search ShopWiki for more fun gift ideas. * Bugs and Insects *Glow in the dark stars are always fun as long as the parents allow it. *Butterfly growing kits are a personal favorite. * Building Sets * Chemistry Kits * Crystals and Geology * Dinosaurs * Electricity *DVDs * Magnets * Model Kits * Physics Kits * Robots

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