Security Lighting Buying Guide

Certain security lightings have infrared or movement sensors which glow when something is detected within their range. Even a normal outdoor lighting can be converted into security lighting when combined with separate sensors. 

Security Lighting Options

  • Cells that are photo electric sensitive switch on automatically during darkness and switch off during the day. Energy saving lamp with cell that is photo electric can be a very inexpensive and effective type of external security lighting.
  • PIR light or passive infra red lights automatically glow when any heat movement is detected by them. But this could be very sensitive as even animals and pets can trigger them.
  • Timer switches can be made to turn the lights on so that it might seem that the home is occupied even when no one is there.
  • LPS or low pressure sodium lights that are well shielded can also act as suitable security lighting option.

Security Lighting Selection Tips

  • Wattage of lights should be compared and chosen appropriately.  Bright lights need more watts.
  • The bulb hours of security lighting should also be taken into consideration while selecting them.
  • There are security lights that come with frame that can be easily installed and provide motion detection.  Some provide timers and triple bulb systems too.
  • These security lights should be easy to wire and mount on poles or buildings. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Harmone Security Light :

It is easy to install and comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to six hours of solar charged lighting.

Mercury LED Night Light :

This LED bulb switches on in the dark and is off at dusk.

Eyelid PIR Bulkhead Security Light :

It is ideal to install in doorway, porch or outdoor.

Quick Picks

BOSTON Outdoor Security Wall Light :

This security light has a detection angle of up to 140 degrees.

Security Light Black :

With powerful halogen light and passive infra-red with a 140 degree angle, your home will be secure.

500 Watt Outdoor Security Light :

It is designed to light up whole areas of the garden.


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