Sex Toys

Is your love life lacking excitement? Don't be ashamed, it does not mean you are a boring love-maker; it means that you are a creative (and slightly deviant ) love-maker, always looking to take things to the next level--in fact, you have probably had so much sex that the usual just seems unusually banal. Spice things up with toys specifically designed to create new and exciting ways to explore your sexuality. 

Popular Bedroom Toys


A dildo is a substitute for a real erect penis. It creates internal sexual stimulation during auto-eroticism, female same sex intercourse, and in heterosexual or male homosexual intercourse (for additional stimulation during sex and foreplay).

Buying a dildo involves a number of factors, such as length, thickness, hardness and texture. It is best to look for one with a smooth surface made of a firm, but not too firm, latex . Or you may want to consider a silicone  dildo. Although the silicone model is more expensive, most people who use dildos regularly agree that its qualities of matching body temperature and its general texture make it the superior material.


There are three main types of vibrators: the classic penis shaped , the wand , and the handle  or coil type. People often opt for the traditional penis shaped model, but these tend to die quicker than the wall powered wand, and do not offer as much variation as the convertible handle type.

Do not purchase a vibrator specifically designed to deliver heat to the body as a sexual device. There is always a chance that you may get burned, which--when you came out of your pleasure bubble--would obviously be extremely painful.

You may also want to check out our guide to buying your first vibrator.

Butt Plugs 

A butt plug is a dildo designed to stimulate the rectum. It has a bulge in the centre, much like a spindle, so that the shaft gradually thickens, flares out, and then begins to narrow again.

Other forms of "butt-plugs" are known as doorknobs or pearl strings. A doorknob is a round sphere of latex mounted on a narrower shaft. Like a butt plug, it 'plugs' the orifice, but the sensations are different. A pearl string is a series of spheres that can be anywhere from a half inch to three inches in diameter that you use to 'stuff' the rectum to create a feeling of fullness.

Cock Rings 

A cock ring is an object that typically goes around the base of both the penis and scrotum. Since veins are closer to the surface of the skin than arteries, this has the effect of allowing blood to flow into the penis but restricts its ability to flow outwards. In turn, this makes the penis get hard and stay hard for longer. 

Most cock rings are made of chromed steel  or rubber . These types of rings must be sized specifically for the user--a loose ring will not provide stimulation and a very tight ring can severely restrict blood flow--which can be a very painful experience. The best rings are a piece of leather  or soft rope tied into place. They are adjustable and easy to remove or cut off should they get too tight. 

Additional Playthings

Realistic Vagina 

Sex Dolls 

Whips  and Cuffs 

Sex Dice  and Bedroom Games 

Finger Massagers 


Pleasure Enhancing Powders, Lubricants, and Oils


Spanish Fly 

Aphrodisiac Drops 

Head Job Oral Sex Lotion 

Chocolate Body Paint 

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