Shapers Buying Guide

Without the right tools , any project can be a challenge.  That's why you need to stock your garage  and your tool box  with all the right gadgets  for your home improvement  tasks.  And if you're embarking on some heavy duty woodworking , a shaper, also sometimes called a spindle moulder , is your ideal tool.  This stationary woodworking machine is perfect for making specialized cuts in everything from cabinetry to wood countertop.  To find out more about its advantages, uses and accessories, check out the rest of this guide.

Why a Shaper?

Many people often ask why they should use a shaper over a router .  Here are some important differences to note:

  • Routers are hand tools better suited for light work, while shapers are stationary units that are designed to handle a large volume of work for a longer period of time. 
  • Routers typically run at higher speeds than shapers, so the have the potential to be more difficult to control.
  • Shapers use large bits  that are more expensive than routers, but they are also more durable and capable of lasting for hour.
  • Shapers can be used to cut much larger profiles than routers.rout
  • Custom-made shaper bits are more readily available on today's market.

Shaper Models

Wood shapers typically come in two main models:

  • One model features a spindle on the side, which allows the bit to cut the workpiece from the side.
  • One model has a spindle assembly mounted on the bottom of the table, allowing the bit to into the bottom of the workpiece.  This model is more common, as it allows the user to more easily view the shapes being cut.
  • Each model may have a spindle that can be tilted, making specialized cuts more easy to perform.

The common features that each of these models should share include fences, cutter guards, some sort of push button controls, a motor cover for added stability, a heavy duty stand and spindle lock.

Shaper Accessories

Certain shaper accessories help you to more easily create specialized cuts for any woodworking project.  Some particularly useful ones include but are not limited to:

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