Cycling Shoes Buying Guide

The type of cycling shoes you choose used depends on the type and intensity of your cycling. Some of the key features found in these shoes are stiff soles that provide efficient energy and weight transfer while pedallin.

Types of Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes come in four types of types:

  • Road racing: Road racing shoes are specific to compete in rough terrains like concrete in races. These shoes have an extremely rigid, smooth and inflexible sole, bent slightly at the ball of the foot to allow transfer of power and body weight, focused on one particular point.
  • Touring: When you find out that you have to walk during pit stops in between races or when you intend to tour an area in foot as well, touring shoes come in handy. These shoes are designed effectively for both walking and cycling by sacrificing some rigidity for traction with additional treads and a recessed cleat.
  • Mountain biking: These shoes have recessed cleats with studs along the soles to aid the rider in travelling and negotiating on difficult mountain terrains.
  • Spinning: These shoes are a hybrid of road and touring shoes, designed with a firm sole and limited traction to maximise comfort and breathability.

Brands of Cycling Shoes

  • Shimano 
  • Northwave 
  • Specialized 
  • Sage 
  • Sidi Shoes 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Diadora Proracer Carbon Cycling Shoes :

The diadora proracer cycling shoes feature an adjustable buckle with automatic release.  

Pearl Izumi Road Cycling Shoes :

The pearl Izumi road cycling shoes feature carbon fibre sole and synthetic heel lining for maximum comfort.  

Diadora Cosmo Road Cycling Shoes :

The cycling shoes contain velcro straps for wrapping and ICS induction cooling system. 

Quick Picks

Sixsixone Filter Spd Cycling Shoes :

The stiff soles push the pedal down with more energy in these cycling shoes.  

Shimano Indoor Cycling Spin Shoe :

The cycling shoes are specially designed for professional and tour players.  

Mavic Giova Women's Road Shoe :

Designed for long rides and all day cycling, they are for the ladies.  

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