Golf Shoes Buying Guide

Golf, a precision club-and-ball sport, attracts many people all over the world. You can see golfers hitting balls enthusiastically into each hole on the golf course during their leisure time. It is highly important that you wear golf shoes while golfing. Golf shoes are special shoes worn by golfers, and they have spikes attached to their soles, which help in providing traction while golfing.  

Golf Shoe Spike Types

  • Golf shoes come with either metal or plastic/rubber spikes to increase the traction. This helps golfers to keep their balance during the swing, on greens or in wet conditions.
  • To minimise the severity of spike marks made on greens, metal spikes have been banned by many golf courses. So at present most golf courses use only plastic or rubber spikes.

Tips to Shop Golf Shoes

  • Try as many golf shoes as possible and see if they are comfortable for you. Go for a leather shoe, which adds maximum comfort to your feet.
  • Check whether the golf shoes are waterproof.
  • Avoid purchasing a metal-spiked golf shoe, as it is been banned by many golf courses.
  • If suppose you do not want a cart for riding and prefer walking on the golf course, you should buy lightweight shoes.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Longridge Ladies Trainer Golf Shoes :

These water-resistant shoes come with lightweight soles. 

Stuburt Men's H-Lite Golf Shoes :

They have an ultra lightweight EVA rubber outsole that ensures maximum comfort. 

Hi-Tec Picadilly WPi Golf Shoes :

These ION Masked enhanced shoes have a soft textile lining. 

Quick Picks

FootJoy DryJoys Golf Shoes :

They feature ECL Leather System, which ensures maximum breathability and waterproof protection. 

Stuburt Hidro Pro Ladies Golf Shoes :

The bellows tongue design of these shoes help prevent water ingress through the Velcro fastening. 

Puma Scramble Golf Shoes :

The solid rubber outsole with 6 Smart Quill technology rubber clusters help in maximising the traction.  

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