Hats Buying Guide  

Hats provide shade and protection from both the hot sun and the biting cold. While some hats may have details and accents such as ribbons, gemstones, stickers and pompoms, others have extensions such as ear flaps or a chin fastener. 

Types of Hats  

  • Fedora hats are suitable for all age groups with casual or semi-formal attire.
  • Bucket hats are suitable for outdoors and are normally worn as a guard against harsh climactic conditions. They are worn with casual dresses and are not suitable for dressy occasions.
  • Top hats are highly formal and have a tall and angular structure.
  • Berets are very popular during autumn and winter. They are generally made of wool or a thick material and are round and flattened with a stylish tilt to one side.
  • Newsboy hats are so called because they were worn by newspaper delivery boys during 20th century. However, today, this hat is a fashion rage.
  • Trilby hats look similar to fedoras but have shorter brims. 
  • Dobbs can be worn for both formal and casual occasions and are characterised by a band.
  • Boaters originated as straw hats. Today, they are made of materials other than straw. They have narrow brim and crown with a deep flat top. They are normally worn casually during summer.
  • Cocktail hats are often small and highly decorative. They are ideal for formal or evening parties as they look elegant and stylish. They usually have some form of decorative element such as buckles, feather or faux fur trim, stones, net or lace, velvet or satin flower details and other accents.  
  • Trapper hats are perfect for cold and polar climates.
  • Beanies are made from material sewn together and tasselled at the crown.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Oakley Wool Plaid Fedora :

This is a chequered hat in grey colour.

Soft Panama Boater :

This straw hat has a striped red band.

Fleece Trapper Hat :

This micro fleece hat protects from chilly winds.

Quick Picks

Jaxon Eight Ball Trilby Hat :

This is a cotton canvas hat in tan colour.

Fracture Hawkeye Peaked Beanie :

This beanie has a protruding peak brim.

Feather Trim Hat :

This is a fancy two-colour hat with feather flowers. 

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