Ties Buying Guide

Ties are accessories that can be worn with shirts, so they must match them properly.  You need to choose the appropriate necktie to suit your shirt colour and pattern.   

Types of Ties

  • Polyester Ties: These ties are strong and easily washable. They are popularly used because of their hard-wearing capabilities. Various formats including woven polyester or polyester satin are available in addition to the standard polyester.
  • Silk Ties: They are made from the cocoons of silkworms and are usually expensive. These ties have a smooth finish and require dry cleaning.
  • Plain Ties: These solid colour ties are silk or polyester ties made from a single colour. They usually come in smooth satin, textured, smooth silk and woven silk and other wide range of colours. These ties are ideal for everyday use and wedding ceremonies.
  • Novelty Ties: They are themed ties that usually portray a specific theme. Examples of themes include science, computers or music. These themed ties have different styles and designs to choose from.

Tips to Wear the Right Tie

  • To counter balance a bright-coloured shirt, go for a sombre tie.
  • If you are wearing a light-coloured shirt, then wear a tie that is of a darker shade having the same colour.
  • If your jacket has a pattern, then keep your shirt simple.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Black and White Paisley Tie :

This tie is made from pure silk and has black and white patterns along with bold paisley prints.

Deluxe Long Tie :

Designed to be suitable for people above 15 years of age, this tie comes in two colours, black and white.

Black Skinny Bootlace Neck Tie :

It is made from 100% polyester and can be machine washed.

Quick Picks

Paul & Joe Small Dot Silk Tie :

This tie is made from 100% silk and can only be hand washed.

Treble Clefs :

Made from polyester, this tie is designed with a with a treble clef motif.

Yellow Rib Stripe Silk Tie :

This tie has stylish diagonal stripes of white and navy.

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