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How do I add my site? What does it cost to add my store? The 'Add Site' page isn't working! Can I add my store to ShopWiki's other country sites?

The 'Add Site' page isn't working!

Here are a few common reasons why your store was not added and what you can do to resolve the situation:

  • Reason: ShopWiki has already listed your store in our database.

    Solution: First, please verify that your site isn't already in our system by searching for a specific product name from your store; do NOT search by the name of your store. You may also try using the following search parameter to see whether or not your products are on ShopWiki: [search term] site:[domain name] (i.e.- "12 piece knife set").

  • Reason: Your store was added into ShopWiki (as stated through the Add a Site page), but you cannot locate your products in our search results even when utilizing the search parameter above. In this case, there might be a problem with your store's product extraction process.

    Solution: Please see "Why can't I locate my products on ShopWiki?" for more information.

  • Reason: ShopWiki cannot accept marketplace or sub-domain stores from sites such as Zibbet, Bonanza, Artfire, Etsy, and EBay because we are not able to identify the individual merchants shops.

    Solution: If you are a retailer from one of these marketplaces, but also have your store on a unique domain, we encourage you to submit that URL instead of the marketplace link.

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