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How do I add my site? What does it cost to add my store? The 'Add Site' page isn't working! Can I add my store to ShopWiki's other country sites?

What does it cost to add my store into ShopWiki?

NOTHING! But you do need to use this form to be included in our search results. Once your store is successfully added to ShopWiki, you will immediately qualify for ShopWiki Listed Store status.

ShopWiki strives to include as many legitimate online retail stores as possible and DOES NOT discriminate against the smaller “Mom and Pop” stores who cannot afford the hidden fees that other search engines may require.

Unfortunately, ShopWiki will not be able to include stores from Etsy, Artfire, Ebay, or similar online marketplaces because our crawlers cannot identify the individual merchants from these platforms. Please also keep in mind that the design of certain online stores is not completely compatible with our crawlers (e.g. Javascript) and will conflict with product extraction. In such a case, a data feed might fix the issue. However, this feature is only available to our Premier Merchants.