Shower Curtains Buying Guide

A good shower will help you relax and prepare yourself for a busy day. Shower curtains are used in bathtubs with a shower or in shower enclosures with the purpose of preventing excess water escaping. The best way to accessorise your bathroom space is to use shower curtains to suit your taste and style. 

Types of Materials

  • Organic Cotton Shower Curtain: These fabrics are extra soft and highly absorbent. So whilst environmentally friendly, organic cotton is not the most water resistant of materials.
  • Textile Shower Curtain: Textile shower curtains are water repellent rather than waterproof.
  • Polyester Shower Curtain: Polyester material keeps water in the shower and dries quickly.
  • Linen Shower Curtain: These shower curtains are waterproof. It is 65% polyester and 35% cotton which means that it has the look and feel of cotton with the superior performance of polyester.

Desirable Features

  • Antibacterial and antifungal finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine or hand washable
  • Extra long length for added protection
  • Reinforced for added extra strength

Buying Tips

  • Choose curtains made of high quality and durable fabrics. It is better to opt for waterproof fabrics such as plastic, PVC, vinyl or polypropylene.
  • You can choose from a plethora of curtain designs to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.
  • Curtains for a child's bathroom can have funny pictures and funky shades. However, the design should reasonably match the theme of the bathroom.
  • Buy curtains with a weighted hem to avoid the shrouding that commonly occurs with cheap curtains.
  • Metal eyelets of shower curtains should be made of rust resistant material.
  • Use heavy gauge liners to separate two-piece curtains.
  • Magnetic liners help prevent the curtain from sticking as you shower.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Diamond Polyester Shower Curtain 

This polyester shower curtain comes with a subtle diamond embossed pattern and is weighted at the bottom to avoid shrouding.

Plain Polyester Shower Curtain Black 

This water resistant curtain helps to keep your floor dry.

Taupe Waffle Shower Curtain White 

This soft lightweight waffle curtain will give your shower a clean and fresh look.

Quick Picks

BlissHome Interdesign Shower Curtain 

This fabulous plaid shower curtain will add a touch of style and fun to your shower room.

Wenko Textile Shower Curtain 

This textile curtain is soft to touch and comes in a range of fabulous colours.

Croydex Waffle Stone Shower Curtain 

This water repellent textile shower curtain comes with a bottom hem to ensure that the curtain hangs straight.

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