So your favorite cake recipe calls for sifted flour, but you don't have the right tools on hand. Sifters come in three major varieties:
* '''Rotary Crank'''
** The most rustic of the sifters is the rotary crank.
** They usually work pretty well, but smaller lumps might get missed.

* '''Squeeze Handle'''
** You only need one hand to operate these.
** Frees up your other hand to add other ingredients.
** There's also less of a chance of getting dust in your face with the squeeze handle.

* '''Battery Operated'''
** It will do all the work for you! Perfect for those who have trouble turning a rotary or squeezing the handle - especially cooks with arthritis.
** The battery-operated sifter comes with a lid for extra protection against dust clouds and messes.
** However, you'll have less control over how fast it works.

* No matter which type you choose, look for one with stainless steel mesh.
* Sifters made entirely of stainless steel will be a little heavier than plastic counterparts, but will last longer.