Get ready to hit the slopes with this season's most advanced gear.  Whether you are a veteran or new to the kiddie hill, having the right ski equipment is a must. ----

Downhill Gear

Downhill is usually synonymous with alpine skiing. Equipment for downhill skiing can be quite a bit different from other types of skiing disciplines: the skis usually have rounded, low-profile tips, as opposed to pointed ones.  Newer ski poles are meant for speed: they are bent to curve around the body when the skier enters the tuck position. ----

Cross-Country Gear

Cross-country skiing is one of the most difficult endurance sports.  As cross country skiing motions activate every major muscle group, the top athletes in this sport have some of the strongest cardiovascular systems in the world--it is a great way to get into phenomenal shape.   ----

Apparel and Accessories

Having the right apparel is important when you hit the slopes.  Don't expect to stay warm wearing a sweater and jeans.  Waterproof jackets and pants specifically made for skiing will keep you warm and dry. ----

For the Enthusiast

Here are some products that are very helpful for the frequent skier.  They will help you get where you want to go and keep you safe while you're there.

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