Skiing Buying Guide

Whether you're skiing recreationally or competitively, downhill or cross country, skiing is an excellent form of exercise. Although it can be hard on the joints, it works tons of muscle groups as well as provide great cardio workout. Of course you'll need the proper equipment to participate in this great sport, so here are some buying guides to help you out. Before you hit the trails, though, you should check out these safety tips first.

Safety Tips

You can make it thrilling or as relaxed as you want to be, but it's always important to be safe. Here are some important tips to keep in mind. 

  • It's up to you, but most skiing experts encourage wearing a helmet .
  • Use proper equipment. Try not to borrow equipment. Proper fit is essential for skiing. 
  • Stretch beforehand, especially quads and hamstrings. Pulling a muscle is easy to do when you're flying down the slope.
  • Be aware of weather and snow conditions before hitting the slopes.
  • Don't ski without the proper instructions. It's important to understand basic skills before attempting any type of skiing.
  • Ski with a buddy. It's not safe to ski alone. If you're injured a ski buddy can quickly find help.
  • Know your limits. Don't go for the double black diamond if you're used to blue square. It's much better to work your way up.
  • Take breaks. Skiing tired can lead to serious injuries.
  • Respect the boundaries. Going off an unmarked trail can lead to very dangerous terrain.
  • Always wear goggles or sunglasses. They keep the sun and wind from affecting your vision.
  • Know what kind of shape you're in. If you haven't exercised in a while, chances are you're not going to make it through a full day of skiing.

Downhill Skiing


The proper skis will make all the difference when it comes to downhill speed and agility.


Poles are a key component to keeping your balance while skiing.


Having boots that fit properly are an essential part of skiing successfully.


Bindings are all that connects your body to your skis. Choose wisely.

Cross Country Skiing


Cross country skis are much thinner and lighter than downhill skis for easier movement across flat trails.


Proper bindings will ensure easier movement and better control over your skis.


Cross country boots are much more comfortable and allow more flexibility than downhill ski boots.


Poles are essential to getting yourself across flat terrain as well as providing you with extra balance.

Accessories and Apparel


When you get to higher altitudes it gets colder. Bundle up before you head out.


Snow pants will keep you warm and dry when you fall.


Goggles will keep the sun, wind, and snow out of your eyes while you're out on the slopes.


As a safety precaution, helmets are good way to prevent injury or concussion.

Additional Suggestions

GPS Devices

GPS devices are great on big mountains where it's easy to get lost among the hundreds of trails. They also can help you find your ideal route down. 

First Aid Kits

Injuries can happen at any time and it always is better to be prepared for anything. Look for first aid kits that are light and easy to carry.

Hydration Packs 

It's easy to get dehydrated while skiing and hydration packs are more convenient than water bottles.

Ski Locks 

Even at the best ski resorts, things can get stolen. Keep your equipment protected with handy ski locks. 

Top Brands

  • Atomic : This Austrian/Finnish manufacturer is known for its professional grade ski gear. Their stuff has been used by Olympians.
  • Fischer : Another Austrian company produces ski, hockey, and tennis equipment. It has equipment for both learning and amateur skiers up to professional competition skiers.
  • Head : This American originated manufacturer is famous for its skiing and tennis equipment. It is a good company for choosing accessories and bags as well.
  • Rossignol : This is a French manufacturer of ski and snowboard gear. It is now owned by Quicksilver. They make equipment from beginner's to expert.
  • Salomon : Another French manufacturer. They merged with Adidas. They make gear not only for skiing but snowboarding, hiking, racing and trail running.
  • Technica : Technica is known for its snow sport equipment and clothing. Its subsidiaries include the brands Blizzard, Dolomite, and Nordica.

Top Sellers

Jam Ski Helmet 

You should always be cautious when playing spirts. Since you're likely to fall in snow sports, protect your head. This helmetfeatures removable ear pads that will keep you warm.

Manbi Ski Lift Pass Holder 

Because you'll have your hands full a pass holder will make your life easier when you reach the lift. 

Trespass Women's Asir Ski Goggle 

You should protect your eyes when you ski and snowboard.These goggles have UV protection and are anti-fog as well.

Head Double Ski Bag 

 This bag can hold up to two pairs of skis as well as ski poles. It features adjustable compression straps. 

Dakine Heli Rucksack 

This rugged backpack will hold your ski and snowboard gear with ease so you need not worry about carrying them.