Skill Development Toys for Babies

Growing up is a fantastic journey for children and we believe that they should be encouraged to discover the world around them in every way possible.  We have compiled a list of the best toys out there to aide your baby in every stage of his or her development.   

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Grasping Toys

Grasping toys  teach your baby to pick up and control objects in their hands, an imperative step in the development of small motor skills.  This is the first step on the road to eating ,reading ,writing ,drawing , and self-care .  

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Peek-a-Boo Toys

Object permanence is the term used to describe the idea that objects still exist even when they can't be seen.  This is something that babies are not instictively born with, but have to develop.  Peek-a-boo toys  and games aid in promoting this skill.  

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Stacking and Sorting Toys

Stacking and sorting toys  spark a baby's curiosity and enhance their problem solving skills.  These types of toys reinforce intellectual development and stimulate basic learning skills such as hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, and even shape and colour recognition.  

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First Books for Baby

Reading books  to babies gives them an appreciation for language and the essential listening skills they will need to start talking.  They will also begin to see how books  are held and how pages are turned, a vital component to education in the later years.

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Featured Brands

These top brands are known for their developmental baby toys .  Find toys of different shapes, sizes, styles, and colours by clicking on the manufacturer's name. 

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