Skin Care Gift Sets for Men

So picking a Some Things to Keep in Mind * '''Men's skin is different from women's skin''': If you are a woman looking to buy a perfect skin care gift set for a male friend or loved one, keep in mind that just because a product works well for you, doesn't mean it will do the same wonders for your male friend. Men actually have thicker skin than women, and are usually firmer and more oily than women. Men's skin is also more susceptible to dehydration because of shaving. Therefore, it is worth it to stay away from generic, unisex products and make the effort to look for brands that cater specifically to men's needs. * '''Don't scare them off!''': "Skin care" is a term that many men associate with women. For those who are used to simply washing their faces with soap and water once or twice a day, the thought of a whole set of products to use daily may be overwhelming. This is why it is important to keep in mind the kind of skin regimen the reciever of this gift has. If he's someone who's never even heard of moisturizer, then start with a basic kit so that he doesn't feel overwhelmed and discouraged to give it a try. For someone who already has the daily skin care ritual down, a more targeted gift set, like one that focuses on anti-aging, would be a better gift