Skin Care Gift Sets For Men Buying Guide

A skin care gift set  may not be the first thing on a man's wish list, but skin care is just as important for men as it is for women. Giving a guy a skin care gift set is an easy way to get him all set for taking care of his skin. Sometimes it's figuring out what is needed and what type of products to buy that turn a guy off to skin care products, not the actual concept of good hygiene. That's where you come in. Figure out his skin type and get him a gift set, or gather products yourself and make your own gift set. 


  • Whenever possible, make sure to buy products that are specifically made for men. Men have different skin than women, so their products should have a different balance of ingredients and whatnot.
  • Price doesn't always reflect quality. Read reviews before you buy a product. Just because it's expensive and has a designer label doesn't mean it'll keep acne at bay.
  • Don't overwhelm the guy. It's hard to go from washing your face with hand soap and water once a month to a full-out twice a day spa routine. Start out with a really basic kit. Don't overwhelm him with masks  and toners  right away. A kit with a face scrub ,moisturiser , and maybe a blemish treatment will do just fine.
  • Remember, the most important thing about skin care products is finding one that matches your skin type! Make sure you buy the right products for his skin.

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