Slippers Buying Guide

Slippers are easy and simple to wear as they slip off or on the feet.   Some are soft soles.  

Designs and Types

*leather.  It might be a spa style or closed toe type, whatever the design is, they are meant to offer great comfort and keep the feet clean and fashionable. * Sheepskin slippers: These slippers offer the feet an insulated environment so that chill air does not affect the feet.  *cotton. The soles are made of rubber making them suitable for outdoor or indoor wear. * Functional slippers:  There are specially designed functional slippers for women who head for their pedicure which come with toe separators built in.  These prevent the polish getting smudged. Likewise there are various slippers for various functions.  For instance, ballerina slippers are used in dancing. * Aroma * NAVY * Dunlop * Arsenal * Lotus

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