Snorkels Buying Guide

While out exploring that Caribbean reef, you will want to marvel at those cute little clownfish for as long as you possibly can.  Get some extra time underwater by using a snorkel .  A snorkel is a tube that allows you to breathe while being face down in the water.  The concept itself is pretty simple and the rewards are tremendous!  

What To Look For

  • Dry snorkels: A "dry snorkel " is one that has a splash-proof opening  at the top and a one-way water purge valve  at the bottom.  The opening helps in preventing water from flowing into the tube and then into your mouth.  The purge valve allows water that does get in to be pushed right back out when you exhale.  This is a great revolution to the old-fashioned snorkel, where you have to worry about taking in a stomach full of salt water on each breath. 
  • Large diameter tube: A snorkel with a large diameter tube  allows a greater and easier air flow during breathing, which means more oxygen in the lungs and a longer time underwater.  
  • A comfortable mouthpiece: Make sure the mouthpiece  of your snorkel is snug in your mouth when your jaw is relaxed.  You should NOT have to bite down on it to keep it in! 
  • Rigid vs. Flex: Snorkels either have a rigid or flexible bend at the bottom, right next to the mouthpiece.  The flexible type will allow for some give with the fitting of the mouthpiece, but may not line up nicely with the snorkelling mask  strap.  
  • Try it on:  If possible, try your snorkel on with the mask  that you will be wearing it with!  All masks fit differently and you will then know which snorkel is right for your mask and for you.
  • Snorkel sets: Get everything at once!  Snorkel sets  are often a great value because fins ,mask , and snorkel all come together and are meant to coordinate.

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