Snow Blowers Buying Guide

On those early winter mornings, when you look out your window and know that you'll have to shovel  your car out to get to work, do you sometimes wish your shovel ran on petrol and emitted a fountain of snow from the top? Maybe you should look at a snow blower for your home use, or possibly invent a diesel shovel--your call. A snowblower can be either petrol or electric powered, depending entirely on how much you want to spend on gas, and/or how much you want your neighbours to notice that you bought a snow blower and attempt to bribe you to clear their walk--again, your call. Snow blowers also come in different sizes and types: The single stage  and the two stage , the walk-behind , and the snowblower that attaches to your riding mower . 

What to Consider

When picking out your snow blower, there are many options to think about before making your final purchase. The first is, do you really need it? If you have back problems or live in a geographically snowy area, then it's probably a good idea. A snowblower is a fairly large investment of your garage space, so think about that before picking your model. How much snow do you typically get? For snow that is traditionally less than ten inches per snowfall, a single-stage snowblower works great. For anything heavier, up to as much as six feet of snow, a stage two snowblower is required. Many of these machines also come with a push start option, or you can stick with the tether pull. Some are propelled forward by the augers themselves, while others are propelled independently. 

Also to keep in mind: snowblowers are dangerous tools, even though they look cool and sound awesome. There are loads of risks when you operate a snowblower: the most common is the danger of broken and/or detached fingers. Augers can become clogged, and our first impulse is generally to fix that problem, whilst forgetting the tendency for the auger to right itself. Some snowblowers now come equipped with a switch that all but guarantees that the auger will stay put when being unclogged. Others come with pins that break when the auger becomes problematic, which turns the snowblower off until it is serviced.  This protects you, and servicing is relatively easy itself. 

Finally, choosing between petrol and electric is one of the major decisions to make before purchasing your snowblower. Electric is better for the environment, but some find that it has slightly less power. Petrol powered snowblowers are powerful, loud, and bad for the environment. Either way you choose, you will end up with a cleared pathway. 

Types of Snow Blowers

Single-Stage Electric Unit 

Single-Stage Gas Unit 

Two-Stage Gas Unit 

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