Snowboards Buying Guide

Thinking of hitting the slopes on holiday? Don't waste time waiting on those terrible rental lines.  Bring your own equipment  and get the most out of your trip. Having your own snowboard  is a rewarding experience because you will learn much faster using the same board every time.  Plus you'll have a different story for every scratch and ding you put on the board while learning!

Beginner Snowboards

You can consider yourself a beginner if:

  • You have only gone snowboarding a handful of times
  • You are still learning how to turn and stop
  • You stick to the "green" trails

Men's Beginner Snowboards

This board is Atomic's #1 selling board world-wide. They have a slight bevelled edge for a bit of forgiveness in the terrain park, and reviewers claim this board has been perfectly technologically balanced. Many choose this board as their first for its legendary construction.

This very stable and responsive board is perfect for beginners. The Biax fibreglass in the board allow easy turns that allow the board to rotate just the smallest amount for super turn initiation. Its tapered shape also allow for easier turns. It has an even core profile that allows great control on powder and icy snow.

Riders who want an amazing, unrivalled jib board will seek out the Manual. The Manual’s short tips reduces “hooking” the nose or tail when jumping onto rails and obstacles. The long running length means you can downsize about three to four centimetres from your normal size board. Shorter means lighter and easier to turn.

Women's Beginner Snowboards

The 2.5 degree park bevel, Twin Prog Sidecut and D4 Construction that make the Fallen Angel the ultimate all mountain freestyle board. It was inspired by the Hatchet and refined by the riding styles of Molly Milligan and Vera Janssen, and has a slightly softer flex to accommodate a woman's touch. 

This board is specifically engineered to make learning and intermediate riding a fun and fast-paced experience. Prepare to spend less time sitting and more time shredding thanks to its soft, forgiving flex, and upturned edges at the nose that make turning, stopping, and sliding rails easier than ever.

This board by K2 is playful and confident anywhere you want to go, with Dual Progressive Sidecut for quick, effortless turns.  The Rhythm Core and Kevlar Inlays bring the female rider plenty of pop while remaining light and manoeuvrable.

Intermediate Snowboards

You can consider yourself an intermediate rider if:

  • You have been snowboarding more than five times and can easily maintain control of the board in most conditions. 
  • You can turn and stop with confidence.
  • You can make it down the "blue" trails, but still feel most comfortable on the "green"

Men's Intermediate Snowboards

The Burton Mayhem is the prefect step up for those who are ready for the next level of snowboarding that still want to have money in their pocket.  This board can deliver serious manoeuvrability and speed while staying forgiving for the progressing rider. 

This all-mountain board is built for everlasting strength and is tuned for the extra crispy turns.  The versatility of directional shape makes the operator easy to have fun on any mountain.  The Triax Response Fibreglass keeps the board lightweight and easy to throw around in the terrain park . 

True Freestyle Versatility. Refined for the rider ripping in the park, hitting natural kickers and taking tree runs all in a days ride, the Darkstar’s twin-tip design and medium flex defines true freestyle versatility. Winning numerous board tests in 2007, the Darkstar is sure to take you to the next level.

Women's Intermediate Snowboards

At home in any type of terrain from park laps to waist deep the Polarity is a favourite of aggressive women riders everywhere. The D4 construction maximises edge hold and response while the new Kinetic FS core keeps it light on your feet.

The Blender perfectly mixes the latest park tech into a soft-flexing, true twin shape that makes learning and mastering tricks fast and fun. The  Rail Ready Park Edges serve up minimal hang-ups and edge damage; while the Scoop convex nose and tail shape bring smoother take-offs and landings.

This board is new for 2009.  It has a slightly wider outline for stability and is built to last in the terrain park as long as you can.  This light weight-twin shape is available in six different sizes offering a great board for any intermediate girl rider looking to lock down some new tricks.

Advanced Snowboards

Advanced snowboards are for riders who have plenty of experience.  The boards are made to accommodate any riding conditions including back-country terrain and un-groomed trails.  The edges are also tuned to be relatively unforgiving and are capable of turning in a snap. Recommended for expert riders only.

You can consider yourself an expert if:

  • You've lost count of how many times you have gone snowboarding.
  • You can turn and stop safely at high speeds.
  • You frequent the "blue" trails and also love to play on the "black" trails.

The Concept TMS is freestyle versatility at its best – designed to ride anything and everything including the park. From deep powder to hard-pack this deck performs like no other.

The Duchess combines ultimate powder riding with all terrain freestyle perfection. The slightly longer tip and tail for effortless float in the deep powder and a Hyper Progressive Sidecut provides seamless response. Harshmellow technology eliminates vibrations and shock from flat landings and high speeds.

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