Soft Toys for Babies Buying Guide

Baby toys  that are soft  can be ideal for the entertainment ,activity  and development  of your baby or toddler. Stuffed toys  are made of straw, beans, plastic pellets, cotton or other fibres with a cloth covering sewn over them. 

Entertaining, Activity and Development Soft Toys

  • Musical toys : Soft toys such as rattles  have noisy articles inside and come in different shapes. Since they are soft on the outside and have blunt corners, they’re harmless for babies.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Noddy Soft Toy :

Make Noddy your baby’s best pal!

Kiana Soft Toy Doll :

This plush doll is dressed in a pretty purple smock and has long brown hair!

Ty Beanie Baby Scooby Doo :

This soft brown toy is a favourite of adults too!

Quick Picks

Monkey and Baby Toy Set :

This adorable set is perfect for your baby!

Steiff Lotte Teddy Bear :

Cuddle up to this lovely white teddy bear!

Gardenbug Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder Set :

These soft rattling toys will stimulate your baby’s skills.

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