Solar Lighting Buying Guide

Solar lighting is becoming a famous alternative to traditional lighting due to its various benefits and advantages. Advancements in the solar lighting technology has resulted in the invention of photovoltaic cells that come with enhanced circuitry, efficient batteries for high performance all round the year.

Primary Landscape Solar Lighting Categories

  • Solar Powered Accent Lights: Landscapes with accent lights look very pleasant with lower illumination that is meant to illuminate just a particular place. They last longer due to their lower light output. They make use of solar cells (multi crystalline) that they get charged even when placed in shady locations or during cloudy days.  Accents lights are mainly used for marking hazards present in the landscape like water bodies or big rocks.
  • Solar Powered Path Lights: Path lights are most often used for lighting walkways, paths and driveways in and around the house. They come with various positioning options like flange mounts, hanging hooks and ground stakes.
  • Solar Powered  Spotlights or Task Lights: These types of solar lights are the brightest of all and hence are costly too. Mainly designed to cast bright light beams on statuary, plants or entryways. They are designed to focus in any direction and in various mounts and constructed to be rugged.

What to Look for in Solar Lighting?

  • Since solar lights are most often used outdoors they need to be weatherproof, rugged and UV protected.
  • Compact designs which have various mounting and focus options are most often preferred.
  • Certain solar lighting models even offer power control, timers and coloured lenses that give you more options.
  • Solar lights with off and on switches can be chosen for longer run time. They also allow you to store the much required electrical charge for special occasions or events.
  • The choice of solar lighting can also depend on the weather condition.  For instance, if you are living in cold countries, choose solar lights that can charge during cloudy days or shaded locations.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

4 Pack Rock Solar Lights :

These lights are ideal for decking, pathways, patios and swimming pools.

Hyundai Flexi Flower Solar Lights :

You can light your garden/decking up at night with the power of the sun.

Solar Light, Zone - 2 pack :

This UV protected light is housed in a cast aluminium pagoda.

Quick Picks

Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights :

50 LEDs, these fairy lights are a great way to decorate the garden.

Eclipse Solar Shed Light White :

With no wiring required, this solar light has 5 bright white LEDs.

Set of 6 Black Bollard Style Solar Lights :

These lights are suitable for use with low energy bulbs.

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