Sound Cards for Your PC or Laptop

No matter what you like to do with your computer, whether it is a speakers will not do it justice.

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* '''Music professional''' or audio connoisseur interested in making recordings **192 **Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer * '''Basic user''': Music, gaming, watching DVDs ** If you just want to listen to music, then a basic sound card will work. However, if you are interested in watching DVDs, you will probably need to get something that provides surround sound. The USB or FireWire port. ** For recording music check this out the Speaker and microphone connections most often come included * Midi/game ports ** Joysticks and controller hook up ** Ability to plug in synthesizers and other electronic equipment, such as instruments, etc. * Full-duplex

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If you want your sound card to run flawlessly, opt for one that has an integrated DPS (like a GPU), so as not to waste useful computer CPU. * '''Bit Depth''' measures CODEC (ADC & DAC are analog/digital converters) capacity: 24, 32, 64, 168 * '''Output Channels and Mode''': Stereo, Mono, 4.13 Dolby Digital * '''Max.Sample Rate''': 48, 96, 192 * '''Form Factor''': Plug-in Card or module, External * '''Interface''' aka how the sound card connects to the motherboard: PCI, ISA, USB, CNR, and FireWire

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For all types of users, and for users with all types of things to accomplish, there is the new Sound Blaster * Intel * Voyetra * IBM * Terratec Electronic