Sports Nutrition for Recovery Buying Guide

Recovery encompasses a complex range of processes that include refuelling the muscle and liver glycogen stores , replacing the fluid and electrolytes lost  in sweat, manufacturing new muscle protein  as a part of the repair and adaptation process and allowing the immune system to handle the damage caused by the exercise bout.

Post Workout Recovery Drinks

A post-workout drink  is imperative in replacing fluids lost through sweating to rehydrate the body. Those who have trouble eating solid food soon after an intense training session should consider supplementation through a post-workout recovery drink.

An easy post-workout recovery shake includes 1 scoop of whey-protein powder , one banana, and 3/4 cup low-fat milk or soymilk  blended in a blender until smooth. Whey Protein powders  come in flavours like vanilla ,chocolate  and strawberry .

Protein Supplements

Creatine Supplements

  • Creatine  is a safe and proven ergogenic used for increased strength, recovery, energy and endurance. Creatine also has a cell volumizing effect on muscle tissue which further stimulates an anabolic environment for muscle growth .
  • Bio-Synergy Creatine Boost  is a sports supplement that helps to reduce muscular aches and pain. It comes in varied flavours such as lemon, orange and Green Tea.

Energy Supplements

EAS Iso Drive Alum  is an isotonic drink designed to speed recovery and replace hydration after exercise and restores your fluid levels and amino acids to restore energy levels.

Top Brands

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Universal Nutrition Torrent 1.5kg :

Torrent is loaded with hydrolyzed whey protein, which consists of small whey peptides that can be quickly digested and absorbed.

BCAA Supplement Pills for Energy & Recovery :

These pills contain a combination of these three amino acids that play a very important role in protein synthesis.

Sci-MX Nutrition Whey Protein Chocolate :

Is useful for building lean muscle, recovery after intense training or sport event.

Quick Picks

Gaspari SizeOn Maximum Performance :

Is a post workout recovery drink that promotes protein synthesis & muscle force recovery.

BSN Energy Sports Supplements & Bodybuilding Supplements :

The ingredients contained in these supplements will enhance physical performance and activate lean mass gains both during and after training sessions.

PowerBar Sports Performance Drink :

This refreshing 2 in 1 electrolyte and carbohydrate drink rapidly rehydrates and reenergises your body.

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