Boxing Buying Guide

Boxing is no longer a street sport as it has gained recognition worldwide as a professional sport. Boxing equipment are vital to boxing and they have to be chosen with utmost care.   

Basic Boxing Equipment

  • Bags used in boxing can be classified as double end bags, speed bags, heavy bags, pedestal bags, body opponent bags and maize bags. They are mainly used to improve punching techniques, coordination, timing and power.
  • Focus Mitts are worn by trainers for protection from the punches of the learners.
  • Hand wraps can be made of tape and gauze and are wound over wrists and hand so that they fit the gloves properly while involved in sparring.
  • Gloves can be classified as heavy bag gloves, sparring gloves and speed bag gloves. Gloves with extra padding can provide additional protection to your wrists and hands.
  • Headgear is worn to protect the head from punches. Training headgears offer additional protection by covering the cheeks.
  • Mouth guards with or without straps are used for protecting the cheeks and mouth, including the teeth, from punches. They lock both the bottom and top jaws together.
  • Exercise balls or medicine balls are used during Plyometric training to enhance the abdominal muscle strength of boxers.
  • Mirrors are generally used for observing the opponents’ techniques and finding out their weaknesses in shadowboxing.
  • Jump ropes enhance the agility, footwork and fitness of the boxers.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

BBE Boxing Headguard :

This lightweight headguard is made from polyurethane and it features foam padding for shock protection. 

BBE Boxing Set :

This set contains a 2-feet punch bag, bag mitts, hook and jab pads, training booklet and other accessories.

Adidas Maya Boxing Gloves :

These gloves are made using the IMT intelligent mould technology and they have a retractable Velcro elastic strap.


Quick Picks

MAR Punching Bags :

These punching bags are made using durable polyester PU coated material, with hanging stripes and chrome plated rings.

Everlast – Mouth guard Double :

This double mouth guard with a breathing hole uses silicon for improved flexibility.    

BBE MaxGrip Medicine Ball :

Made from high-quality rubber, this product is ideal for improving hand-eye co-ordination, flexibility and balance.

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