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Tired of the stress of chaos of city life? A camping or a hiking trip is the perfect way to unwind. Whether you select your own backyard or the country or a slanting cliff or even backpack on a wild world trip you are bound to have fun and a lot of memorable experiences.   

Right Clothing and Shoes for the Wilderness

If you are hiking on a mountain trail and it is bound to get cold make sure you are wearing a fleece jacket or shell jacket. You can opt for ones with a hood if it rains and the ones that are water proof too. Have a cotton t-shirt which absorbs sweat and dries quickly. Being equipped with thermal inner clothes is important in cooler regions. A sun hat or a visor and a bandanna are essential in summer.  When you choose a pair of boots select according to the terrain and your skill level. Cross trainers are running shoes that are well suited for rough hilly terrains. Trail boots are for light terrains and they are light weight too.  

Equip Yourself

Compact camping stoves fuelled by propane or gasoline are good choices for backpacking. A LED lantern, camping tent, inflatable pillows and compasses are essential backpacking items. Mountaineering requires specialised equipment like grips, harnesses, crash pads, cleats, crampons and many more that facilitate mountain climbing. Adequate water and food that do not spoil easily should be taken along depending on the number of days you are outdoors.   

What You Shouldn’t Forget

  • Camping First aid kits are a must have when you are in dense forests or in the mountain side as you are prone to insect bites, scratches, falls and sickness.  
  • Extra care has to be taken when you take your Pets and Children along with you. Select locations your kids are familiar with and undergo the trip only on their approval.
  • Sometimes we tend to forget the essential knick knacks like camera film, batteries, Matches to light a fire, Spare ropes, wires and strings, knives and essential tools. Make a checklist to avoid this.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Ranger Men's Waterproof Jacket:

The waterproof jacket is windproof and breathable and features a rip stop outer shell and an inner mesh lining.  

Hi Tec Waterproof and Breathable Napa Walking or Hiking Boots:

The ankle boot with a stylish cut is waterproof to facilitate hiking on rough terrain.  

Gelert Tornado  Tent:

The tornado tent is a five person tent that can withstand the rough weather conditions.  

Quick Picks

Parasene New Non-Ignition Camping Stove:

 The portable camping stove can be fuelled by propane or butane.  

Lifesytems Mountain First Aid Kit:

The first aid kit is essential for outdoor safety and can be carried attaching it to the belt.  

Camping Backpack:

The camper backpack features zip fasteners and has a heavy duty 100 litre capacity.  

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